Session 6C: User Experience (UX) Design – Walking Audit Workshop (part of the 2022 CARSP Conference)

The outcomes of this workshop will inform the Vision Zero Symposium - Case Study exercise on June 22, 2022.

• The workshop will showcase and demonstrate the application of Walking Audits as a User Experience design method to provide a human-centered problem-solving approach for infrastructure planning and design.
• Participants will learn about the merits of including UX design as an element of public and stakeholder engagement for planning and designing walking and pedestrian infrastructure, services, and facilities.
• The workshop will involve an approximately 50-minute walk (approx. 1.5 km) south along Regent Street towards The Four Corners intersection at Long Lake Road and Paris Street.
• Along the way participants will be asked to make observations about their experience, the walking environment, adjacent land uses, and other road users.
• A modified Walking Audit tool in a checklist format will be developed for this workshop.
• After the walk audit a short debrief session will be held to confirm general observations and understand specific experiences and feelings participants had while walking.
• A summary of the checklist results and de-brief session discussion will be provided to the participants working on the Vision Zero - Case Study exercise.