The Safety Network Newsletter

The Safety Network focuses on what is happening amongst the membership relating to road safety but also promotes the multidisciplinary nature of our organization and is a means of drawing the membership together. The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals is an organization of individuals with a passion for road safety that are scattered across Canada. These individuals come from a wide variety of disciplines and professions, including engineering, health, psychology, human factors, crash reconstruction, vehicle design, statistics, traffic enforcement, economics and actuarial science.

The Safety Network is published on a quarterly basis in the winter, spring, summer and fall. While the newsletter is predominantly in English, we are encouraging contributions in both our official languages. Titles and a brief summary will be provided in both languages consistently. Editorials and other major articles will be translated into both languages. The most current edition is only available to CARSP members. If you are a CARSP member, please login to view the most current edition. Not a CARSP member? Click the red "Join" button on the home page.