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The Use of Event Data Recorders in the Analysis of Real-World Crashes

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Author/Auteur German A, Comeau J-L, Monk B, McClafferty K, Tiessen P, Chan J
Award/Prix Dr. Charles H. Miller


Event data recorders are installed on many late-model cars and light trucks as an adjunct to air bag sensing and control systems. These devices offer tremendous potential to traffic safety researchers, affording access to a wealth of new data, enabling better understanding of on-road traffic safety issues, and providing opportunities for the development of new and effective countermeasures.

The authors report on a series of test programmes and pilot studies of collisions involving vehicles equipped with event data recorders. These include instrumented crash tests which can be used to validate the quantitative results obtained from on-board recorders, and in-depth investigations of real-world collisions where results obtained using standard reconstruction techniques can be compared to the electronic data relating to crash severity. Our current studies also include an evaluation of pre-crash factors involved in real-world situations, based on in-depth investigation techniques, detailed occupant interviews, and analysis of a variety of pre-crash data elements obtained from event data recorders in collision-involved vehicles.

A lack of standardization as to the nature of the data which is recorded, the formats in which it is currently stored, the proprietary means by which data can be retrieved, and concerns relating to individual privacy, may provide substantial roadblocks to wide data accessibility. It is imperative; therefore, that the traffic safety community considers the utility of these data systems at an early stage, and actively champions their further development and use if they are seen to be beneficial to the cause of furthering safe transportation.

German A, Comeau J-L, Monk B, McClafferty K, Tiessen P, Chan J