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Introducing ELA: The journey of Canada's first publicly accessible Autonomous shuttle

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Date added June 18, 2019
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Category 2019 CARSP XXIX Calgary
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 6B
Author/Auteur Groves, Korpan
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice
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Background/Context: This presentation is focused on the process to operationalize Canada's first publicly accessible autonomous vehicle. The content will provide an overview of bringing the vehicle into Canada, the review and validation process used by the Province of Alberta and Pacific Western Transportation to ensure the pilot locations selected were designed to provide a safe working environment and interface with the public interacting with the vehicle throughout the designated routes.

Aims/Objectives: Deliver the first publicly accessible Autonomous shuttle pilot programs with successful, safe service delivery while allowing an effective and educated approach to evaluating the technology and it's real world application.

Methods/Targets: The programs intent was to bring new technology to users of transportation services and allow the opportunity to interface with regulatory and oversight bodies to apply a regulatory evaluation for the various operating sites.

Results/Activities: The presentation will outline the evaluation process used from both the vehicle operator (Pacific Western Transportation) and the responsible regulatory body (Alberta Transportation) in addition to an overview of the criteria used in that approval process.

Discussion/Deliverables: The presentation will provide an overview of each of the 7 deployment sites through 2018, further a summary of lessons learned and changes made to evaluation criterion both from the operators perspective and the regulatory approval process and how this will be incorporated going forward including the formal application process being developed for roll-out in 2019.