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Accommodating Oversize Trucks: Safety Issues and Mitigating Measures

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Date added June 30, 2016
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Category 2016 CARSP XXVI Halifax
Tags Research and Evaluation, Session 6B
Author/Auteur Jeff Suggett
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6B - Suggett


Background/Context: Over the past century, the size of commercial vehicles used on Canadian roads has gradually increased. This change has been driven largely due to foreseen benefits in fuel and labour cost savings, as well as the flexibility in being able to haul larger loads in one trip. As the size of trucks has increased, road authorities have been required to respond to and accommodate these larger vehicles on their road network - ensuring that they do not cause safety and operational issues.

Aims/Objectives: This presentation will present methods for evaluating t the safety and operational impacts of large commercial vehicles trucks in addition to a toolbox of potential countermeasures to mitigate their safety and operational impacts.

Methods/Target Group: The presentation will review common large commercial vehicle configurations, identify common safety and operational impacts associated with their operation on Canadian roadways as well as potential countermeasures to mitigate safety and operational impacts.

Results/Activities: Safety and operational impacts will be driver expectancy issues, off tracking into opposing lanes or coming in contact with curbs, gravel shoulders, and other fixed objects. Potential countermeasures to be reviewed will be time of day restrictions, lane modifications, truck aprons, widening at intersections, relocation of roadside objects, and police escorts.

Discussion/Deliverables: The presentation will highlight past examples of truck route assessments conducted in various locations in Ontario, focussing on the Long Commercial Vehicle program that has been in operation since 2009.

Conclusions: While the use of larger commercial vehicles in Canada has benefitted the trucking industry, commercial vehicles need to be evaluated in terms of the safety and operational impacts related to their operation. This presentation will identify common safety and operational issues and a toolbox of potential countermeasures for mitigating them.

Jeff Suggett