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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – October 1-31, 2018

January 11, 2019   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on January 11, 2019

Province Reminds Manitobans New Penalties for Distracted Driving in Effect November 1

October 31, 2018, Government of Manitoba (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitobans are reminded that stricter penalties for distracted driving come into force tomorrow, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler and Crown Services Colleen Mayer said today.

“The growing threat of distracted driving has led our government to take important action,” said Schuler.  “Our government is taking serious measures because people are not putting their cellphones down and are engaging in other distracted behaviours while driving.”

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Canadian seniors poised to lead the autonomous vehicle revolution

October 31, 2018, TIRF (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

New research conducted by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) suggests senior drivers in Canada could play a leadership role in the safe adoption of semi-automated vehicles as Canadian roadways transition from traditional vehicles to increasingly automated vehicles. The study, funded by the Toyota Canada Foundation, analyzed data from a survey regarding the knowledge, attitudes and practices of 2,662 Canadians as well as focus groups with senior drivers.

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TSB releases Watchlist 2018: a call to action on safety management and fatigue issues across the transportation industry

October 29, 2018, Transportation Safety Board of Canada (GATINEAU, QUEBEC)

Today, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released Watchlist 2018 and identified seven key issues requiring government and industry’s attention to make Canada’s transportation system even safer in the air, marine and rail sectors. This fifth Watchlist edition, like previous ones, builds on hundreds of investigations, compelling findings and data, and active TSB recommendations.

A major safety hazard, crossing all three transportation modes, is employee fatigue. Pervasive, especially in a 24/7 industry where crews can work long and irregular schedules across multiple time zones, fatigue has been found to be a risk or contributing factor in more than 90 TSB investigations since 1992.

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National Teen Driver Safety Week: October 22 to 28

October 18, 2018, MPI (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

As a leader in road safety, Manitoba Public Insurance is committed to educating teen drivers and helping them stay safe. National Teen Driver Safety Week ─ organized by Parachute Canada ─ is a good time for all teen drivers in the province to evaluate their driving behaviours and work on reducing teen driver involvement in collisions.

Teen drivers make up only about five per cent of Manitoba drivers, but were involved in 10 per cent of major injury collisions and seven per cent of fatal collisions last year, said Satvir Jatana, vice-president responsible for communication, Manitoba Public Insurance.

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Cannabis: Legal, but Prohibited While Driving

October 17, 2018, SAAQ (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Cannabis is now legal, but you are still prohibited from driving after having consumed it.

Cannabis affects the brain and impairs your ability to drive. It causes a decrease in vigilance and concentration, slower reflexes, poor coordination, longer reaction times, and impaired judgment. Estimates indicate that driving under the influence of cannabis doubles your risk of being involved in a traffic accident.

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Young drivers and their passengers need to #KnowWhatImpairedMeans

October 16, 2018, Parachute Canada (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), an annual public awareness campaign aimed at educating young drivers about road safety, is taking place October 22 to 28. This year, Parachute and Desjardins are calling on teens to #KnowWhatImpairedMeans and help reduce drugged driving.

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MADD Canada Awards Citizen of Distinction Honour to Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould For Leadership on Federal Anti-Impaired Driving Legislation

October 11, 2018, MADD Canada (OAKVILLE, ONTARIO)

MADD Canada is proud to announce that The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, is the recipient of a 2018 Citizen of Distinction award for her outstanding efforts to strengthen Canada’s impaired driving laws.

The Citizen of Distinction Award is presented annually to individuals, groups or organizations that have made a major provincial/territorial or national contribution to the anti-impaired driving movement in Canada, leaving a lasting legacy in the areas of research, prevention and education, legal issues or victim issues.

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Improving safety with new truck and bus training

October 10, 2018, Government of Alberta (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

Following consultation with key industry stakeholders and Albertans, the Government of Alberta will implement mandatory entry-level training for new Class 1 and Class 2 commercial drivers in the spring.

Along with the compulsory training, more stringent safety requirements for new commercial truck and bus companies will be in place.

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ICBC urges caution as pedestrian injuries nearly double

October 9, 2018, ICBC (VANCOUVER, CANADA)

Almost double the number of pedestrians are injured in crashes from October to January as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease.*

That's why today, ICBC is launching a pedestrian safety campaign with police to urge pedestrians and drivers to stay safe as crashes with pedestrians spike at this time of year.

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Governments of Canada and PEI investing in safer roads for residents and visitors

October 5, 2018, Government of PEI (CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI)

Modern and efficient roadways are crucial to encouraging and supporting economic activity, facilitating trade, and creating middle class jobs. The governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island are investing in well-planned infrastructure that will make it easier to move people and products across the province, while supporting sustained economic growth for years to come.

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What you need to know about cannabis use and driving


In Saskatchewan, it’s illegal and will continue to be illegal to drive while impaired – whether by drugs or alcohol – even once cannabis use becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018.

To address the legalization of cannabis, law changes have passed at both the provincial and federal level. Details on the changes are below.

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New Traffic Safety Act

October 3, 2018, Government of Nova Scotia (HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA)

Nova Scotia’s outdated Motor Vehicle Act is being replaced with a new, modern Traffic Safety Act that will help make the province’s roads and highways safer.

The new act follows significant stakeholder engagement with 31 groups and 23 partners, and online engagement with Nova Scotians that received 865 comments.

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One road death too many: Manitoba Public Insurance calls on all Manitobans to change how they think about road safety

October 3, 2018, MPI (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitobans need to be less accepting towards road fatalities and more committed to driving motor vehicle-related deaths down to zero, says Manitoba Public Insurance.

In support of Manitoba’s provincial road safety action plan, the public auto insurer launched a new and innovative road safety awareness campaign before hundreds of students from Winnipeg’s Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute today.

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#JustDrive: Distracted driving is a bad look on you


Distracted driving isn’t a good look on anyone.

On your phone while you drive? When you look down like that, it just looks… well... weird. And you’re not fooling anyone. Eating a messy burger or burrito? C’mon, with sauce dripping all over your face, hands, and steering wheel, that’s both gross and dangerous.

Of course, it’s not all just about looks. If your attention isn’t on the task of driving, then you might not see that yield sign. Or that the light just turned red. Or that kid darting in front of you on her bicycle.

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