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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – November 1-30, 2016

December 9, 2016   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on December 9, 2016

Zero expectations drive efforts to drastically reduce traffic-related deaths in Canada

November 30, 2016, Parachute (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Transport-related incidents remain one of the leading causes of injury and death in Canada. Parachute, a national injury prevention charity, wants to reduce these incidents to zero by adopting strategies first introduced in Sweden as Vision Zero.

Canada's Vision Zero Summit, powered by Parachute, brings together an outstanding line up of road safety leaders and reserarchers to discuss how we can help drastically lower the number of deaths and injuries on our roads…

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32 more Sask. police vehicles being armed with automated licence plate readers

November 30, 2016, Global News (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

More police vehicles in Saskatchewan are being armed with automated licence plate readers (ALPRs) to enforce traffic safety.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has invested $800,000 to install 32 ALPRs in all enforcement vehicles in the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) pilot project in central and southeast regions of the province.

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Provincial legislation to require helmets when using off-road vehicles on public land

November 29, 2016, Edmonton Journal (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

New provincial legislation introduced Monday will require off-road vehicle riders to wear helmets on public land in an effort to curb the number of related deaths and injuries.

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Driverless cars to hit the road in Ontario early next year

November 28, 2016, Toronto Star (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Driverless cars are headed for Ontario’s public roads as part of a pilot project the province says puts it in the pole position in Canada’s development of autonomous vehicle technology.

After motoring up a test track to a Waterloo press briefing Monday in a self-propelled Lincoln MKZ hybrid sedan nicknamed the Autonomoose, Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said three groups have been approved to begin road testing.

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Too many people still not using seatbelts: Manitoba Public Insurance

November 24, 2016, MPI (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

More than 600 people were not wearing a seatbelt during an observational driver study conducted this October by Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) groups in rural Manitoba.

A total of 13 rural locations were selected with a dozen COPP groups participating. The study is done in partnership with local RCMP detachments and conducted twice a year in the spring and fall.

The average seatbelt compliance rate from the October study was 94.7 per cent – a decrease of 0.4 per cent from spring 2016. Cellphone use by drivers was also observed, with 98.7 per cent of drivers complying with the law.

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U.S. regulators want phone makers to block most apps for drivers

November 23, 2016, Toronto Star (DETROIT, MI)

The U.S. government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when the phone is being used by someone driving a car.

The voluntary guidelines unveiled Wednesday are designed to reduce crashes caused by drivers distracted by phones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also wants automakers to make infotainment systems easy to pair with smartphones.

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Autonomous driving still seems far off

November 21, 2016, Herald Wheels (HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA)

Whether you call it autonomous, self-driving or robotic — the very notion of a passenger vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, driving itself has become a hot topic in the last year or so.

It seems like every week there is a news piece about an autonomous car whether from Google, Tesla or a major manufacturer.

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National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims

November 18, 2016, CCMTA (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Wednesday, November 18 is the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims in Canada. Since 2007, the third Wednesday of November has been set aside for Canadians to remember those who have lost their lives or been seriously injured on Canadian roads. Each year in this country, almost 1,900 people are killed on road crashes, and almost another 165,000 are injured.*

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New Report: TIRF and the NSC release A New GDL Framework: Planning for the Future

November 15, 2016, TIRF (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of “A New GDL Framework: Planning for the Future”. This Phase 2 report focuses on the implementation of the GDL Framework and is part of a continuing series of initiatives designed to improve young driver safety. TIRF and the National Safety Council (NSC) are also pleased to announce Phase 3 of the project, which begin later this year.

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Marijuana legalization and road safety: CAA-Quebec issues recommendations

November 14, 2016, Canada Newswire (QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC)

Less than one year from the deadline established by the federal government as part of its plan to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, CAA‑Quebec is endorsing the recommendations made by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) in its study Marijuana & Driving: Policy Implications: we must further our knowledge and improve legislation and penalties to ensure safety on our roads.

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Avenue of change: Meet the new kind of street coming to Toronto

November 12, 2016, Globe and Mail (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

There’s a new kind of road coming to Toronto. A road that uses the space differently, recognizing that it has to do more than just move cars. One that is “beautiful and vibrant” and puts safety first – a crucial move in a city struggling with a rising tide of pedestrian deaths.

They’re called “complete streets,” and while elements of their planning philosophy have already shown up in Toronto, they have never been formalized into an urban design goal. Next week, city staffers plan to pick a handful of streets to redesign under the new guidelines as pilot projects that they hope will be the start of a decades-long remaking of the city.

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Kathleen Wynne announces new photo radar legislation for Ontario

November 8, 2016, CBC News (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Municipalities in Ontario could soon deploy photo radar in school zones if new legislation announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne in Ottawa today is adopted.

The proposed law would allow municipalities to use automated speed technology to take photos of speeders' licence plates in school zones, and in areas around places like daycares, parks, seniors' homes and hospitals…

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A timeline of photo radar in Ontario

November 8, 2016, Stratford Beacon Herald (STRATFORD, ONTARIO)

January 1993: Ontario NDP government announces road safety plan to test portable photo radar units on the 400-series highways. “Most drivers believe they have only a small chance of being caught speeding,” then solicitor general David Christopherson said. “This system will identify virtually all speeders on any given piece of the road.” The ticket — to be paid by the owner of the vehicle — would arrive in the mail with a photo…

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OTA joins the fight to end aggressive driving in the province

November 8, 2016, Truck News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

The Ontario Trucking Association announced today that it is joining the battle against aggressive driving.

This announcement was made as the Ontario Provincial Police launched a new road safety campaign designed to target aggressive car, bus and truck drivers who tailgate, speed and make unsafe road decisions. The OPP plans to charge violators. The OTA says it is a strong and vocal supporter of this in order to enhance road safety.

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Federal-provincial infrastructure funding for safer, smoother roads

November 7, 2016, Government of PEI (CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI)

The governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island are making infrastructure investments that will help create jobs, grow the middle class, and support a high standard of living for Canadians and their families.

Wayne Easter, Member of Parliament for Malpeque, and Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and the Honourable Paula Biggar, Prince Edward Island Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, today announced more than $3.7 million in joint federal-provincial funding for multiple upgrades to Prince Edward Island’s highways.

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 Calgary a paragon of pedestrian safety, but that's not enough for some

November 6, 2016, Calgary Sun (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

There’s no safer Canadian city than Calgary, when it comes to traffic.

That’s the good news from a city hall that’s struggled to embrace that simple fact in the very recent past, while allowing a false narrative of mass pedestrian mayhem to dominate decision making and influence spending.

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Autonomous vehicles promise to be disruptive, but a boost to safety

November 4, 2016, Vancouver Sun (VANCOUVER, B.C.)

Pulling his Tesla Model S onto Highway 1 from McGill Avenue, Bruce Sharpe clicks a lever on the steering column to engage its adaptive cruise control, which takes control of managing the car’s distance from the truck ahead and watches for vehicles around it….

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RCMP stepping up traffic enforcement after deadly week on Manitoba roads

November 4, 2016, CTV News (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

The RCMP is stepping up traffic enforcement this weekend in response to a recent rash of deadly crashes.

The Chief Superintendent of the Manitoba RCMP has directed all officers to immediately focus on road safety after 10 people died in crashes in the past week.

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Drivers need to take responsibility for safer streets: Keenan

November 4, 2016, Toronto Star (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Be careful out there. Motorists of Toronto, I’m talking to you. Someone needs to, because we drivers are maiming and killing people at a pretty shocking rate.

Between sunset Wednesday and just after sunrise Thursday, for instance, 14 pedestrians were struck by motorists on the streets of our city — that’s roughly every hour. One was exiting a streetcar at Bathurst and College. Another was sent to hospital with serious injuries after being hit at Islington and The Queensway. Two people were hit by two different cars at College and Palmerston at roughly the same time; one of them died.

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Drivers Beware: One-Third of Canadians Aren't Using Winter Tires

November 3, 2016, Canada Newswire (LAVAL, QUEBEC)

Despite an overwhelming majority of Canadians indicating that safety outweighs cost when it comes to purchasing winter tires, a recent Michelin survey reveals that more than 1 in 3 (34%) Canadian drivers still do not own a set of winter tires. The number of risk-takers significantly increases as you move westward across the country with nearly half (48%) of Western Canadians (BC, AB, SK, MB) reporting they do not own a set of winter tires.

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‘Distracted walking’ a road safety risk, insurer warns

November 1, 2016, Toronto Star (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

You see it on the streets of Toronto. You may be guilty of it yourself. Pedestrians crossing busy avenues with their gazes screwed to their phones, texting or picking their next song.

In a new study from State Farm Canada insurance company, around 40 per cent of Canadians admitted to texting as they walk. About 25 per cent said they always or often walk with their headphones on.

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