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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – November 1-30, 2015

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Last Updated on December 22, 2015

A monthly compilation of national, provincial and local news stories on road safety

U.S. rethinking stance on self-driving cars
November 24, 2015, CTV News (LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA)
Federal transportation officials are rethinking their position on self-driving cars with an eye toward getting the emerging technology into the public's hands.

Just two years ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation struck a cautious tone. Its official policy statement, published in May 2013, says cars should be limited to testing and not "authorized for use by members of the public for general driving purposes."

With the technology's rapid development, federal policy will be updated, agency spokeswoman Suzanne Emmerling said in a written statement.

National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims
November 18, 2015, CCMTA (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)
Wednesday, November 18 is the National Day of Remembrance for Road
Crash Victims in Canada. Since 2007, the third Wednesday of November has been set aside for Canadians to remember those who have lost their lives or been seriously injured on Canadian roads. Each year in this country, almost 1,900 people are killed on road crashes, and almost another 165,000 are injured…

New partnership aims to reduce distracted driving in Canada
November 18, 2015, TIRF (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)
…Through this partnership, The Co-operators will support TIRF’s research and educational work focused on reducing distracted driving. This will include TIRF’s collaboration with DIAD to create a public online repository of data, information and resources that can serve as an easily accessible tool for stakeholders and others with an interest in the issue. TIRF will also work closely with DIAD to form a multi-stakeholder working group to develop a national evidence-informed, comprehensive action plan to combat distracted driving in 2016…

NETS Presented with Royal Award for Contributions to Global Road Safety
November 18, 2015, Digital Journal (BRASILIA, BRASIL)
During a special ceremony on November 17, preceding the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia, HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO presented his prestigious international road safety award to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), a global NGO.

MADD Canada plans campaign against drug-impaired driving
November 13, 2015, Calgary Metro (CALGARY, ALBERTA)
MADD Canada hopes the new Liberal government beefs up legislation that allows cops to better test drivers who might be drug-impaired, given the government’s plans to legalize to pot.

Tracy Franklin, past president of the organization’s Calgary chapter, said the organization is ramping up campaigns involving drug-impaired driving as part of a five-year strategy.

U.S. now says seatbelts on school buses are necessary, Canada disagrees
November 13, 2015, Globe and Mail (TORONTO, ONTARIO)
When people get in a car they put on a seatbelt – but when in a school bus, they don’t because, most of the time, there aren’t any.

But that is changing, in the United States anyway. For the first time, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recommending that every school bus have belts.

Despite laws/social norms, youth and young adults still text while driving
November 12, 2015, Public Health Ontario (TORONTO, ONTARIO)
Knowing that texting while driving is against the law in Ontario hasn’t stopped youth and young adult drivers from using their cell phones and handhelds while behind the wheel, a new report from Public Health Ontario (PHO) has found.

In Texting While Driving Behaviour among Ontario Youth and Young Adults, senior author Dr. Heather Manson, chief of health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention at PHO, found that 90 per cent of survey participants knew about Ontario’s laws against distracted driving. Despite this knowledge, a significant number still reported reading and sending texts while driving.

‘Atrocious year’ for pedestrian fatalities in Edmonton
November 10, 2015, Global News (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)
The number of pedestrians killed on Edmonton streets has risen for the second year in a row…

Statistics show 40 per cent of deadly collisions in Peel involve pedestrians
November 10, 2015, The Mississauga News (MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO)
At least 10 pedestrians have been killed by vehicles in Mississauga and Brampton this year, prompting Peel Regional Police to warn “arrogant” drivers and “distracted” people on foot that road safety is a shared responsibility.
Unofficial statistics provided by Peel Regional Police show there have been 25 deadly crashes in the region so far this year. Of those, 10 have involved pedestrians…

Are You A Better Driver Than Your ______________?
November 9, 2015, Canada Newswire (AURORA, ONTARIO)
Are you tired of debating whether or not you're a better driver than your spouse, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or friends? Telematics, our latest mobile app can help put that argument to rest, save you money on your auto insurance, and, for a limited time, gives you a chance to win some great prizes.

The Telematics app (www.statefarm.ca/insurance/auto/discounts/telematics) is a 100% mobile auto insurance app that doesn't require the installation of a device in your vehicle. It can help to improve your driving behaviour, thanks to near-instant feedback of your behind-the-wheel habits. Telematics also offers features like the ability to compare results with friends and to share them on social media, as a means to encourage others to improve their driving habits and promote road safety…

'Our community drove the change' – Speed limit drops to 40 km/h in Okotoks
November 8, 2015, Calgary Herald (CALGARY, ALBERTA)
Inundated by requests from citizens, the Okotoks town council has approved lowering the municipality’s residential speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h.

The changes in the town just south of Calgary are following years of “request after request” from community members, who prepared time-consuming presentations lobbying the council for slower speeds in their neighbourhoods…

How do we fix our drunk-driving problem?
November 6, 2015, Globe and Mail (TORONTO, ONTARIO)
The outrage on social media was palpable. “Murderer,” some said. “Rot in hell,” others cried. An online petition with more than 6,000 signatures demands a life sentence. On Twitter and Facebook, strangers demanded much worse.

The target of this wrath is Marco Muzzo, 29, who has been in jail since his Jeep SUV plowed into a minivan late one afternoon in September at a quiet intersection of two country roads in Vaughan, killing three young children and their grandfather, and injuring their grandmother and great-grandmother…

Self-driving cars more likely to be in a crash, but don't blame technology
November 3, 2015, Globe and Mail (TORONTO, ONTARIO)
Self-driving cars are involved in accidents at a higher rate than conventional vehicles, but the self-driving cars aren’t at fault, according to a report by two researchers at the University of Michigan….

Hankook Winter Tire Safety Poll: Good News and Bad for Canadians
November 2, 2015, Canada Newswire (BRAMPTON, ONTARIO)
Hankook tire recently set out to gauge Canada's knowledge of basic tire safety and preparedness as we head into winter driving season. According to the Hankook Get a Grip Winter Tire Safety Poll, the good news is that the majority of Canadians (64 per cent) use winter tires and in the province of Quebec, where it's mandated by law, 97 per cent of drivers are compliant.

Surprisingly, Atlantic Canada ranks second after Quebec for winter tire use (86 per cent) and the prairies, notorious for bad winters, ranked highest, next to BC, for not using winter tires (AB, 53 per cent; SK/MB, 58 per cent; and BC, 59 per cent)….

Alberta man injured by distracted teen driver reaches NWT youth
November 2, 2015, Northern Journal (FORT SMITH, NWT)
At the end of October, for the first time since the collision with that 16 year-old left him an incomplete quadriplegic, Boden spoke to groups of students about the potential consequences of distracted driving.
The native of Camrose, Alta. said his message seemed to hit home.

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