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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – March 1-31, 2022

April 12, 2022   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on April 12, 2022

March's traffic safety focus in Alberta is Occupant Restraints

March 01, 2022, Alberta Transportation (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

Alberta Transportation’s safety focus for the month of March is Occupant Restraints.

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SGI’s Traffic Focus for March Is Speeding

March 01, 2022, GX94 (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

SGI is asking motorists to leave the speeding up to NASCAR drivers or movie action heroes. That’s the March traffic safety focus, and SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says every month police catch thousands of people speeding in the Saskatchewan, and issue more than 100 thousand tickets a year in the province. He also says people should always be sure to buckle up, drive sober and keep your attention on the road.

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Smartphones, dumb moves: 42% in B.C. still admit to distracted driving, ICBC survey says

March 02, 2022, Driving.ca (VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Do you occasionally peek at your phone behind the wheel even though you know it’s a bad idea? Well, unfortunately, you’re hardly alone.

More than four in 10 drivers (42 per cent) in a new poll commissioned for ICBC admitted they still use their phone at least once in every 10 trips, even though the vast majority know it’s a dangerous move.

Some 93 per cent of those same drivers think it’s highly risky to text while driving and 84 per cent believe it’s risky to talk while holding a cellphone and driving.

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Scooting to a New Era in Active Transportation: Examining the Use and Safety of E-Scooters

March 02, 2022, NITC (TUCSON, ARIZONA)

In recent years, shared electric scooters (e-scooters) have taken cities around the world by storm. But how are people using this new mode of transportation? Seeking to understand the potential impacts of e-scooters on land use, infrastructure and sustainability goals, researchers have some new interesting data to share on e-scooter users, exploring the interplay between demographics, behaviors and trip purposes.

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Alberta RCMP promotes seatbelt safety this March

March 03, 2022, RCMP (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

This month, the Alberta RCMP wants to remind motorists that seatbelt safety saves lives. The proper use of a safety restraints significantly reduces the risk of serious injury and harm in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

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Ottawa speedsters escaped photo radar tickets because of processing lags

March 04, 2022, O.Canada.com (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

More than one in 10 speeders who were caught by photo radar cameras on Ottawa streets in 2021 didn’t receive tickets, as the municipality revs up plans to expand automated speed enforcement.

The city’s manager of traffic, safety and mobility, Krista Tanaka, said 13 per cent of automated speed camera “incidents” weren’t processed last year because the tickets couldn’t be sent by a provincial deadline.

The city, like other Ontario municipalities, uses a joint municipal processing centre run by the City of Toronto to handle the automated road enforcement infractions.

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ICBC: New survey reveals 42% of drivers admit to still using their phone behind the wheel


A new Ipsos survey reveals that 42% of drivers admit they still use their phone at least one out of every 10 trips. Yet of those B.C. drivers surveyed, 93% believe it’s highly risky to text while driving and 84% believe it’s highly risky to talk while holding a cell phone and driving.

Using electronic devices, like smart phones, is one of the most common and riskiest forms of distracted driving and increases the possibility of a crash by five times. In fact, any activity that reduces a driver’s ability to focus on the road or control their vehicle puts the safety of other road users at risk.

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Know the legal implications of distracted driving

March 07, 2022, TruckNews.com

In honor of the fact that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it seems like a good idea to bring another update on the seemingly endless attempts to avoid convictions.

The statistics continue to be eye-opening.

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Changing climate an ‘important factor’ in future Manitoba highway planning

March 09, 2022, Global News (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

A series of crashes on highways across southern Manitoba Tuesday is once again renewing conversations around road safety and maintenance during extreme weather.

Mounties said there were dozens of reports of incidents on Highway 1, Winnipeg emergency services were called to about six crashes on the Perimeter Highway, and a multiple-vehicle collision on McGillivray Boulevard sent two people to hospital.

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Uncertainty about driver exams as Jasper moves to lower speed limit

March 09, 2022, Toronto Star (JASPER, ALBERTA)

Jasper is one step closer to reducing its speed limit from 50 km/h to 30 km/h throughout town amid questions about how this would affect driver exams.

During the committee of the whole meeting on March 8, the first in-person meeting since the pandemic began, council members moved that committee recommend to council to amend the Traffic Bylaw.

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U.S. eliminates steering wheel requirement for fully automated vehicles

March 11, 2022, Driving.ca (UNITED STATES)

U.S. regulators on Thursday issued final rules eliminating the need for automated vehicle manufacturers to equip fully autonomous vehicles with manual driving controls to meet crash standards.

Automakers and tech companies have faced significant hurdles to deploying automated driving system (ADS) vehicles without human controls because of safety standards written decades ago that assume people are in control.

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Smartwatches a bigger distraction than mobile phones

March 12, 2022, Toronto Star (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

An estimated 73.4 million people will be using wearable technologies in the United States by 2022. Wearables are smart electronics that can be worn on different parts of the body. The most popular smart device is the smartwatch.

An important characteristic of wearable technology is that they are easy to acquire and thus they can be used almost anywhere. This convenience and adaptability means that smartwatches are used in a variety of circumstances, including while driving a car. Safety while using a smartwatch is an issue for both smartwatch users and those around them.

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Waterloo proposes 30 km/h limit

March 15, 2022, The Record (WATERLOO, ONTARIO)

Waterloo council proposes to lower the speed limit to as low as 30 km/h on more than 700 residential streets, excluding busier commuter and connector roads that would retain higher speeds.

Coun. Royce Bodaly argues that reducing speed limits to 30 km/h on neighborhood streets responds to public concerns about speeding and respects new research about making roads safer, without extending driving time by too much.

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Traffic Safety Act changes include reduced speed rules for more drivers

March 16, 2022, St.AlbertToday (ALBERTA)

More lanes of traffic will need to slow down when passing roadside workers, emergency vehicles and tow trucks with their lights on after the Province announced changes to the Traffic Safety Act.

The provincial government has introduced proposed changes to the Traffic Safety Act designed to improve emergency responder safety on Alberta roads and highways.

Introduced in the legislature Wednesday, Bill 5, the Traffic Safety Amendment Act 2022, will provide improved safety for roadside workers and enhance existing safety rules, Alberta Transportation Minister Rajan Sawhney said during a press conference.

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Alberta proposes more safety for roadside workers

March 16, 2022, lethbridgenewsnow (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

The Alberta government is introducing Bill 5 aimed at improving safety for roadside workers.

Under Bill 5, protection is given to roadside maintenance workers and snowplow operators, which is similar to first responders and tow truck operators.

In the Traffic Safety Amendment Act, proposed changes will require all drivers travelling in the same direction to slow down to at least 60 km/h when passing a stopped roadside worker vehicle with its lights flashing.

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Study: SUVs, pickups hit pedestrians more often than cars do

March 17, 2022, Toronto Star (DETROIT, US)

Drivers of bigger vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs are more likely to hit pedestrians while making turns than drivers of cars, according to a new study.

The research released Thursday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety points to the increasing popularity of larger vehicles as a possible factor in rising pedestrian deaths on U.S. roads. The authors also questioned whether wider pillars holding up roofs of the larger vehicles make it harder for drivers to spot people walking near the corners of vehicles.

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Traffic down during pandemic but U.S. fatalities, Ontario dangerous driving up

March 19, 2022, Ottawa Sun (UNITED STATES)

A recently released AAA study found traffic fatalities surged in the U.S. during the pandemic even though fewer drivers were on the road.

The rise in fatalities was linked to an increase in younger and riskier drivers.

The study said that though these drivers only made up a small proportion, they were likely to take the most risks as traffic levels were down. Even though the number of drivers was down as much as 20% in the U.S. during much of 2020, the study said crashes involving impairment, speeding, red-light running, aggressiveness and non-seatbelt usage spiked to their highest level in more than 10 years.

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Traffic safety bill won't have much impact in St. Albert, manager says

March 22, 2022, St. Albert Today (St. ALBERT, ALBERTA)

City of St. Albert Transportation Manager Dean Schick said although proposed legislation to add consistency to the Traffic Safety Act may not be highly impactful within the city’s jurisdiction, it's a great thing to bring greater awareness.

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National Impaired Driving Prevention Week: did you know more Saskatchewan RCMP officers than ever can detect cannabis use, right on the roadside?

March 24, 2022, Royal Canadian Mountain Police (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

Cannabis is now legal to use, but it's not legal or safe for anyone on the road to drive while impaired by it.  That's why more Saskatchewan RCMP officers now have access to roadside oral fluid devices, a small, handheld machine used to detect cannabis use by drivers. "We have zero tolerance for any kind of impaired driving – and that includes impaired by cannabis (THC). The roadside oral fluid devices, which are used across Saskatchewan, are helping us identify drivers that have recently consumed cannabis (THC) and to take more potentially impaired drivers off the road," explains Cpl. Brian Ferguson, Saskatchewan RCMP's drug recognition evaluator training coordinator.

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Speed Cameras are Working and Drivers are Slowing Down

March 24, 2022, City of Mississauga (MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO)

From August to December 2021, the City activated Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras on 12 streets throughout Mississauga. ASE uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help enforce speed limits in school area community safety zones. The data shows that drivers are slowing down and following the speed limit. The average reduction in speed is more than 7 km/h and there has been an average increase of 22 per cent in driver compliance with the speed limit. The cameras are working.

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Seat Restraints Were SGI’s Traffic Safety Focus In February

March 24, 2022, GX94 Radio (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

SGI’s February traffic safety focus was on seat restraints, and police across the province handed out 262 tickets, which included 195 for drivers not buckling up, 37 for kids not properly restrained, and 30 for passengers not using seatbelts. The month also saw 278 impaired and 335 distracted drivers caught, and 3,370 tickets for speeding or aggressive driving.

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Regional Speed Limit project paused, Saanich pursuing other options

March 26, 2022, CheckNews.ca (SOUTH ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Six municipalities on the south Island signed on to start a pilot project to lower the speed limit to 30 or 40 km/h on residential roads two years ago, but due to delays at the provincial level, Saanich is developing other plans.

Saanich spearheaded the project, after receiving evidence that driving at 30 km/h reduces the number and severity of car crashes.

Fred Haynes, mayor of Saanich, says six municipalities signed on when the pilot proposed 40 km/h, but then five signed on once it was changed to exploring 30 km/h.

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Distracted driving convictions dived during COVID. It doesn't mean roads are safer, experts say

March 28, 2022, CBC News (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

Fewer Alberta drivers were convicted of distracted driving during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Edmonton police and a road safety advocate warn it doesn't mean our roads are any safer.

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Safer Shoulders: Alberta amends Traffic Safety Act to better protect roadside workers

March 29, 2022, collisionrepairmag.com (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

A new amendment to Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act will require drivers to slow down to at least 60 kilometres an hour when passing stopped roadside worker vehicles with flashing lights.

The updated Bill 5 aims to cover roadside maintenance workers and snowplow operators with protection under the Traffic Safety Act; similar to coverage that is already in place for first responders and tow truck operators.

The amendments will affect drivers traveling in all lanes in the same direction as the stopped roadside worker vehicle and to drivers traveling in the opposite direction on single-lane highways.

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Operation Safe Driver Week to return with speeding focus

March 29, 2022, trucknews.com

Speeding will once again secure a special focus during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA’s) Operation Safe Driver Week, scheduled to run across North America July 10-16.

Canadian officers pulled over 1,828 commercial drivers during the enforcement and education blitz that shared the same focus last July, issuing 593 citations and 136 warnings. Speed-related offences accounted for 289 of the commercial citations, followed by failing to wear a seat belt (160), and texting or using a handheld phone (83). Speed-related offences generated 35 warnings.

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Nighttime Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking Could Become Mandatory

March 29, 2022, Autotrader.ca

One of the largest advocates for vehicle safety in the U.S. is petitioning regulators to improve and make mandatory a system that could help keep pedestrians safer on our roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks. Because Canadian vehicle safety rules often move in concert with those of our southern neighbours, nighttime pedestrian automatic emergency braking could be a big deal for Canadians as well.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) are two parts of an insurer-funded group that pushes for stronger safety standards for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Though the IIHS is best known for crash testing, the group is the reason why so many vehicles have added automatic high beams since 2020, among other major safety developments over the past several decades.

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Estevan MADD to focus on impaired driving prevention in April

March 30, 2022, Sask.Today (ESTAVAN, SASKATCHEWAN)

Alongside the EPS and SGI in April, the volunteer organization will focus on impaired driving preventative measures and projects, promoting the right choices.

Estevan's chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is ready for a month focused on fighting a plague of the contemporary world.

Alongside the EPS and SGI in April, the volunteer organization focuses on impaired driving preventative measures and projects, promoting the right choices.

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