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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – July 1-31, 2022

August 17, 2022   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Why Isn’t There a Canadian Traffic Safety Crisis

July 01, 2022, Bloomberg

While US road deaths are skyrocketing (including the fastest increase on record in 2021), virtually all other developed countries have seen a decline. In France, for example, traffic fatalities are now just a third of the US per capita rate. As Urban Institute researcher Yonah Freemark recently told me, 30 years ago the streets of France were more dangerous than those in the US, but “today the average French person is 40% safer than the average American.”

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New tool gets drug-impaired drivers off the road

July 01, 2022, St. Albert Today (ST.ALBERT, ALBERTA)

A mid-May traffic stop in Whitecourt afforded local RCMP the opportunity to put a new drug detection device to the test.

It passed the test; the driver didn't.

Alberta’s motorists can now expect to see this happen more frequently.

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SGI introduces two new police bikes to Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan

July 03, 2022, Discover Moose Jaw (MOSSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN)

The Government of Saskatchewan and SGI have purchased two new police motorcycles for Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS).

The motorcycles are being used by the Regina Police Service’s CTSS unit. The total cost to purchase the two motorcycles was $110,000, split equally by SGI and the provincial Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.

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LPS to focus on impaired driving in July

July 04, 2022, My Lethbridge Now (LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA)

Lethbridge police will focus on impaired driving in July as part of a province-wide traffic enforcement program.

“Albertans understand the dangers of impaired driving. The number of people killed by a legally impaired driver – either by alcohol or drugs – has actually decreased over the years,” reads a news release from Lethbridge Police Service. “2019 featured the lowest number of such fatalities in Canada, 66, since data was first collected in 1986.”

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Hold Your Horses: E.U. mandates speed limiters on certain light vehicles

July 08, 2022, Driving.ca

The European Union, which is a big thing in Brussels, has recently brought down legislation which could soon make it impossible to stray over a posted speed limit. In its decision, it has said that new models of car, van, lorry, and bus introduced from July 2022 to a E.U./EEA market must be fitted as standard with an array of new vehicle safety technologies — including the so-called “speed limiter.”

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Guelph releases 2017-2021 collision report

July 12, 2022, The city of Guelph (GUELPH, ONTARIO)

Collision reports are updated each year with data from the most recent four-year period. The reports identify stretches of roads and intersections where collisions most often occur and include information about the severity of a collision and whether they involved drivers, pedestrians and/or cyclists.

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Reducing noise and speed on County roads

July 12, 2022, strathcona.ca (STRATHCONA COUNTY, ALBERTA)

Project TENSOR (Traffic Enforcement, Noise/Speed Offence Reduction) has returned for its second summer in Strathcona County.

Launched in 2021, Project TENSOR East aims to reduce vehicle noise and speed on County roads by targeting hot spots in the County, including areas Enforcement Services receives complaints about.

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 John Ducker: Some encouraging trends in Canadian road safety

July 15, 2022, Times Colonist

Over the past two years, U.S. traffic deaths rose by 19% while in Canada they fell by roughly that same number. For every million U.S. citizens during this period there were 118 traffic fatalities — in Canada there were 46.

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Morinville council eyes lower residential speeds

July 19, 2022, St. Albert Today (MORINVILLE, ALBERTA)

Morinville council could lower residential speed limits to 40 next winter as part of an update to its traffic safety law.

Morinville town council asked administration to propose revisions to the town’s traffic safety bylaw during its July 12 meeting.

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Fridays are most dangerous on local roads, collision stats show

July 20, 2022, Sudbury.com (SUDBURY, ONTARIO)

Motor vehicle collisions in the City of Greater Sudbury have been on the decline for three years running, with 1,746 recorded in 2021, 1,856 recorded in 2020 and 2,162 recorded in 2019.

There are more motor vehicle collisions in Greater Sudbury on Fridays than any other single day of the week, while weekends are generally the safest on local roads.

February is the most dangerous month of the year on city roads, and collisions peak during the morning and afternoon rush hours, with the afternoons typically worse.

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