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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – July 1-31, 2021

September 24, 2021   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

Make Safety Part Of Your Weekend Plans – Drive Sober or Arrange a Sober Ride

July 29, 2021, madd.ca (OAKVILLE, ONTARIO)

As more Canadians get out and about with the easing of pandemic-related restrictions, and with the weekend coming up – a holiday long weekend in many parts of the country – MADD Canada is asking everyone to keep one another safe by never operating any vehicle impaired.

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Friday most dangerous day of travel on holiday weekends – Manitoba Public Insurance

July 28, 2021, Manitoba Public Insurance (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Friday is the most dangerous day for travel over a holiday long weekend, according to Manitoba Public Insurance.

On average, one person is killed and 90 others are injured each long holiday weekend ─ with 36 per cent of those injuries/deaths taking place on Friday.

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ICBC urges caution as B.C. Day long weekend brings more crashes

July 28, 2021, Insurance Corporation of British Colombia (BRITISH COLOMBIA)

Whether you'll be travelling this B.C. Day long weekend for a getaway or staying local, ICBC is urging drivers to share the road safely as our roadways will be much busier than usual.

Every B.C. Day long weekend, on average, three people are killed and 600 people are injured in 2,100 crashes throughout the province.*

Across the province, police are cracking down on impaired drivers as part of this month's enforcement and education campaign.

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Reduce Speeds for Safe Summer Driving

July 27, 2021, Government of Northwest Territories (YELLOWKNIFE , NORTHWEST TERRITORIES)

With the summer bringing favourable highway conditions across the Northwest Territories, vehicle traffic is high this time of the year.

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) reminds residents and commercial drivers to follow posted speed limits and drive safely on our highways.

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Partial Road Safety Statistics 2021

July 26, 2021, SAAQ (QUÉBEC, OTTAWA)

The SAAQ is publishing statistics on road accident victims for part of 2021.

Bilan routier partiel 2021 (PDF, 75.4 ko) (Partial Road Safety Statistics 2021) (In French only)

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Passing Lanes Deliver $7.5 Million In Safety Improvements To Highway 2

July 22, 2021, Government of Saskatchewan (REGINA, SASKATCHWAN)

With the construction of two new sets of passing lanes between the City of Prince Albert and Christopher Lake, the safety on Highway 2 will be greatly improved.

"Highway 2 is an essential gateway to the North," Minister of Highways Fred Bradshaw said.  "Passing lanes offer opportunities for motorists to pass, leading to improved traffic flow and also ensuring everyone gets to their destination safely."

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It shouldn’t be this easy to find people not wearing their seatbelt

July 21, 2021, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (REGINA, SASKATCHWAN)

It is unbelievable that police caught this many people not using or wearing a seatbelt or wearing one improperly in a single month. The evidence is clear: Seatbelts save lives. Not wearing one makes you more likely to die or be seriously injured in a vehicle collision.

Vehicles have a protective cage around the occupants to protect them in the event of a serious collision, directing the violent forces around the passenger compartment and away from the people inside. Skipping the seatbelt means you could have a violent trip through a windshield and onto the pavement beyond. You’re three times more likely to be killed if you are ejected from a vehicle and 17 times more likely to be ejected if you’re not wearing a seatbelt.

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 Loosened public health restrictions tied to surge in collision fatalities, serious injuries: MPI

July 20, 2021, Manitoba Public Insurance (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitoba Public Insurance is urging road users to avoid high-risk driving behaviours in the coming weeks as statistics have shown a link between the lifting of COVID-19 public health orders and an increase in collisions on Manitoba roads that result in fatalities and serious injuries.

Last summer, the number of fatalities and serious injuries in motor vehicle collisions spiked during the months public health orders were loosened between the first and second waves.

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SGI and Saskatoon Police partner on vehicle noise pilot project

July 19, 2021, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SASKATOON, SASKATCHWAN)

SGI and the Saskatoon Police Service are teaming up for a pilot project to address excessive vehicle noise.

Starting July 19, 2021, Saskatoon Police will begin issuing notices to vehicles in the city deemed to be excessively loud. These notices will require drivers to contact SGI and attend a vehicle noise testing clinic.

Safety officers at these clinics will accurately assess how loud the vehicles are and will work with vehicle owners to ensure modifications are made to bring their vehicle within standards. There is no cost associated to having the test done. Any modifications required will be the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.

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New passing lane improves traffic flow in the East Kootenays

July 16, 2021, Government of British Colombia (JAFFRAY, BRITISH COLOMBIA)

A new westbound passing lane on Highway 3 near Jaffray is complete, improving traffic flow, capacity and safety on the busy route.

“Investments in road infrastructure are key to connecting communities and ensuring adequate access to goods and services,” said Carla Qualtrough, federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, on behalf of Catherine McKenna, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. “The Government of Canada has invested $3 million in this project, which will help manage traffic volume, improve road safety for motorists and cyclists, and reduce travel times. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

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Investigation into motor vehicle collision fatality after attempted EPS traffic stop

July 13, 2021, Government of Alberta (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

On Sept. 30, 2018, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) was assigned to investigate a fatal single motor vehicle collision that followed an attempted traffic stop by members of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

The collision resulted in the death of the 27-year-old male driver, and serious injury to the 21-year-old female passenger.

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Ministry of Highways Testing Pavement Markings North of Regina

July 08, 2021, Government of Saskatchewan (REGINA, SASKATCHWAN)

Motorists heading to Regina from the north on Highway 11 may have noticed some unusual pavement markings as the Ministry of Highways begins testing paint products.

Samples of a number of paint products have been applied to the highway to test which last the longest, and best hold to the road surface.  After six months each product will be evaluated, with the best ones being used for the next four years.

"Pavement marking is one of the most important safety elements the Ministry of Highways invests in," Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said.  "Motorists rely on properly-painted lines every day and using high-quality products ensures we can deliver on that expectation in the most cost-effective way."

Pavement marking helps decrease collisions by clearly delineating centre lines, edge lines, lane lines, intersection layouts and pavement signs.  Saskatchewan uses paint products that contain recycled glass beads, which enhance the durability of the paint and create reflectivity that makes lines more visible in dark and poor weather conditions.

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Malahat safety upgrades near new Skywalk

July 07, 2021, Government of British Colombia (BAMBERTON, BRITISH COLOMBIA)

More improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway near Bamberton will increase safety for people travelling the corridor, as well as those visiting the new Malahat Skywalk attraction.

The Malahat Skywalk development is opening later this month at 901 Trans-Canada Highway, and is expected to be a major tourist attraction. The Skywalk owners estimate the attraction will likely draw more than 200,000 people per year wanting to take in scenic views of the Saanich Inlet and Saanich Peninsula.

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Law enforcement focused on construction zone speeders

July 05, 2021, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (REGINA, SASKATCHWAN)

After a year of no plans, it probably feels like you’re being pulled every which way this summer! But wherever your summer plans take you, you are likely to come across a construction zone at some point while getting there.

That’s why SGI and law enforcement want to remind drivers to #SlowTo60 and be mindful of workers while travelling through construction zones in the coming weeks.

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