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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – January 1-31, 2022

February 4, 2022   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on February 4, 2022

Here’s how New West is hoping to improve pedestrian safety at intersections

January 07, 2022, New Westminster Record (NEW WESTMINSTER, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

A new city policy signals a desire to maximize pedestrian safety, comfort and convenience at intersections in New Westminster.

City council recently endorsed the signalized intersection policy, which aims to ensure traffic signals are aligned with the goals and priorities in the city’s master transportation plan. A report to council said most of the policy is meant for intersections with full and pedestrian-activated signals, but elements of the policy would also apply to intersections with signalized warning systems, such as special crosswalks and rectangular rapid flashing beacons.

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Toronto wants more speed cameras, but advocates say it's not enough to curb traffic deaths

January 09, 2022, New Westminster Record (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

City committee to meet Tuesday to discuss bringing in 25 new cameras by 2023.

Toronto is looking to roll out 25 new photo radar cameras around the city to help curb the number of fatalities and serious injuries, but critics say much more needs to be done to make city streets as safe as they can be.

In 2020, the city installed 50 of the automated cameras, with two in each ward that get moved to a new location every three to six months.

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Ontario's G Road Tests Just Changed & Here's What You Need To Know

January 11, 2022, Narcity/Toronto (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Drivers looking to get their full G licence will be in for a surprise if their road test is coming up soon.

In order to clear the backlog of in-vehicle road tests stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and to address the increased demand, the press secretary for Ontario's transportation minister, Dakota Brasier, told Narcity that the G road test will be modified. This is to ensure that more appointments for the road test are available.

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Automatic speed enforcement cameras should be deployed faster, advocates say

January 11, 2022, Toronto.com (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Toronto should put the pedal to the metal to add another 25 automatic speed enforcement photo radar units to traffic-safety trouble spots around the city, Toronto’s infrastructure and environment committee voted to recommend Jan. 11.

But the city can only move so quickly on adding the ASE units to the 50 that are currently in place across 25 wards in Toronto, because the 2019-approved contract allows only for an additional 25 cameras, effectively increasing the number in each ward from two to three.

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Ontario's changes to the G road test are dividing experts

January 12, 2022, CTV News (KITCHENER, ONTARIO)

The Ontario government is temporarily removing elements of the G road test in order to increase the number of appointments that can be made each day.

It comes as the province tries to eliminate the backlog of road tests created by COVID-19 restrictions. But the decision has painted a clear divide when it comes to how people feel about the shift.

Road safety expert and CEO of Ontario Safety League Brian Patterson doesn’t think it’s a move in the right direction.

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Pelham signs up for Vision Zero initiative

January 13, 2022, The Standard (PELHAM, ONTARIO)

Town politicians have jumped on board with the region’s Vision Zero road safety initiative.

Pelham councillors voted unanimously to back the effort, including utilizing automated speed enforcement (ASE) and red light cameras at intersections involving various regional roads across Niagara.

In total, as a part of the initiative, four ASE units and 10 red light cameras will be deployed at the program’s startup planned for the second quarter of this year.

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Road accidents: what about those who work on the road?

January 18, 2022, CISION (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Highway construction workers, public works department workers, school crossing guards, delivery people... These professions constitute a subgroup vulnerable to road accidents in the workplace; yet there is little scientific research on them. A study led by Professor Marie-Soleil Cloutier of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) provides a better understanding of the determinants and circumstances of road accidents in the workplace, particularly among police officers who deal with foot traffic and road traffic controllers.

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Entry Level Training Becomes Mandatory for Individuals seeking a Class 1 Driver’s Licence

January 21, 2022, Government of the Northwest Territories (YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES)

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has introduced mandatory entry level training for commercial truck drivers obtaining a Class 1 licence.

Following the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy in 2018, there were renewed calls for mandatory entry level training in Canada. Entry level training will now be required for anyone seeking to obtain a Class 1 licence (which allows individuals to operate semi-trailers and tractor trailers) for the first time.

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Cannabis-impaired driving more than doubled since legalization, UBC study finds

January 22, 2022, Canada.com (BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Researchers tracked blood sample data from four of the province’s trauma centres where they found 3.8 per cent of moderately injured drivers had more than the legal limit of THC in their blood before legalization.

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Charter challenges against impending Alberta traffic ticket system possible: lawyers

January 25, 2022, driving.ca (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

A new system to process motorist violations that eliminates traffic court could be contested constitutionally, say lawyers experienced in fighting such cases.

Beginning Feb. 1, those who choose to contest traffic tickets will go through an online process involving an adjudicator rather than the current traffic court, and pay up to $150 to do so.

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Alberta government delays plans for new traffic court strategy

January 26, 2022, CBC News (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

Alberta's UCP government is putting on hold its plans to shake-up traffic court in the province, changes it says are aimed at freeing up court resources but have been roundly criticized by opponents.

Those changes were targeted for implementation on Feb. 1, but will be put on hold for up to four months as the government seeks to explain the changes and receive further feedback.

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