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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – January 1-31, 2017

February 23, 2017   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on February 23, 2017

'Don't tune out': Violent pedestrian safety ad intended to hit hard

January 30, 2017, Yahoo Canada (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

With road deaths on the increase in Australia, a new confronting commercial is intended to shock pedestrians into paying attention on our streets.

The hard-hitting ad from the Pedestrian Council of Australia shows a young woman walking down the footpath of a suburban street.

Engrossed in her phone and wearing headphones, the woman makes the fatal mistake of stepping out on to the street without looking both ways…

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29th provincial school transportation safety campaign - Focus on young people to ensure their safety!

January 30, 2017, Canada Newswire (QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC)

The Bus Carriers Federation launched its 29th province-wide school transportation safety campaign with a colourful walk that ended this morning, in front of the Parliament in Quebec City. Again using the Did You See Me? slogan, the campaign is currently under way all over the province until February 10, since walks gathering 2000 of students from schools are being organized in six Quebec regions.

"This great involvement, which is higher than ever this year, demonstrates the importance of reiterating our awareness message year after year. Still today, too many people ignore the yellow buses' signal lights and do not slow down when in a school zone. Yet it is a matter of ensuring our children's safety!" said Mr. Martin Paquette, chairman of the Bus Carriers Federation.

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Researcher asks: How can we make Calgary streets safer for kids?  University partners with City of Calgary to find ways to safeguard children from traffic danger

January 26, 2017, UCalgary.ca (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

You drive by them often in Calgary’s neighborhoods: roundabouts, curb extensions, and median islands installed by the City to control traffic. But do they work?

On average, at least one person is struck by a vehicle on Calgary’s streets every day while walking. Although the trends show a steady decline in the number of child injuries, there are still about 50 kids who die every year on Canadian city streets.

In a new and sweeping project, a University of Calgary researcher is getting onto the streets of Calgary to find answers. Brent Hagel, PhD, is leading a national project to understand the impact of traffic and engineered interventions on the safety of kids. Using police collision reports and municipal data, the team will systematically examine where kids are injured and most importantly — why.

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Ontario funds high-tech Laurier kit on how to be safe ‘En Route’

January 23, 2017, Waterloo Chronicle (WATERLOO, ONTARIO)

Safety experts at Wilfrid Laurier University know about traffic dangers, working on a campus that includes one of the most dangerous local roads….

…Grasping dangers, Laurier is developing a free traffic safety kit to help employees across Ontario stay safe while travelling for work. It's called En Route to Safety.

When rolled out next year, it will use the Internet, videos and graphics to help employers train their workers to be safer while driving or walking.

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OTA supports road safety bill

January 23, 2017, Truck News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Bill 65’s intent of allowing municipalities to introduce photo radar technology in school and community safety zones is a measure that should improve road safety by reducing collisions as well improving pedestrian safety at high-risk municipal roads and school zones, the OTA said in a release.

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Saskatchewan impaired driving numbers up from last year

January 23, 2017, Global News (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

Impaired driving in Saskatchewan increased from the same time last year, according to the latest statistics from SGI.

According to SGI, there were 353 offences related to impaired driving last month, 45 more than 308 seen in December 2015.

“It’s certainly disappointing. After extensive coverage in the media about safe ride options, increased enforcement and the tougher impaired driving laws that would be coming into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, people are still choosing to drive when they shouldn’t,” Earl Cameron, executive vice president of the auto fund said in a statement.

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US ends probe of Tesla fatal crash without seeking recall

January 19, 2017, Metro News (WASHINGTON, D.C.)

Tesla Motors Inc. won't face a recall or fine as a result of a fatal crash involving its Autopilot system, but U.S. safety regulators are warning auto manufacturers and drivers not to treat semiautonomous cars as if they were fully self-driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday it found that the system had no safety defects at the time of the May 7 crash in Florida, and that it was primarily designed to prevent rear-end collisions rather than other crash scenarios.

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Edmonton drivers know better but take risks anyway, traffic study finds

January 17, 2017, CBC News (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

Edmonton drivers don't always walk their own talk when it comes to distracted driving or other traffic safety issues, a new survey has found.

Results from the 2016 Edmonton traffic safety culture survey, conducted for the City of Edmonton's Office of Traffic Safety, came out Tuesday.

The survey of more than 3,600 people suggests some big gaps between drivers' attitudes about traffic safety and their actions behind the wheel.

Findings will be used to help support the city's Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Edmonton roads.

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'It's not a deterrent': Experts question whether tougher sentences counter drunk driving

January 15, 2017, CBC News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Experts are questioning whether a recent trend towards stiffer sentences for those who kill someone while drinking and driving are doing much to solve the problem.

Earlier this week, an Ontario judge acknowledged that recent high-profile decisions have established new precedents for the sorts of sentences drunk drivers can face if they cause a death while behind the wheel.

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2016 deadliest year on Manitoba roadways in a decade: motorists encouraged to think road safety

January 11, 2017, MPI (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitoba Public Insurance is issuing a renewed call to road safety action for all road users in 2017, after recording the deadliest year on Manitoba highways in a decade.

Based on preliminary data, in 2016 there were 101 fatal collisions on public roadways in Manitoba which resulted in the deaths of 112 people. These numbers contrast with 69 collisions and 78 fatalities in 2015.

“2016 was a tragic year for road fatalities in Manitoba,” said Crown Services Minister Ron Schuler. “Not since 2006 have we lost as many people in motor vehicle collisions and our sincere condolences go out to the families and friends of the 112 Manitobans who lost their lives in roadway crashes.”

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Winnipeg's top engineer says Vision Zero something to 'strive towards'

January 11, 2017, Metro News (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Road safety in Winnipeg is set to evolve from "look twice before crossing the street’" to "look twice before building the street," as city council has ordered a new strategy that will put the onus on the transportation network itself to protect vulnerable users.

Prompted by Coun. Janice Lukes, the city’s public works committee voted Tuesday to have city staff draft a new road safety strategy within a year.

Transportation manager Luis Escobar said he still needs to consult committee members to “flesh out a little bit what their expectations are,” but he believes the request is a “positive action.”

“It brings more awareness to (road safety)," he said. "From the political point of view, it shows that they (councillors) are aware of and they understand the importance of road safety. We all understand road safety is important, but sometimes we take it for granted.

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Mayor John Tory says city will act immediately to improve road safety

January 10, 2017, CBC News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Mayor John Tory says the city plans to take immediate steps to reduce the number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths on Toronto streets.

These measures, part of the city's new road safety plan, include:

  • Creating seniors' safety zones at 12 locations.
  • Installing red light cameras at 76 new locations.
  • Conducting road safety audits at 14 locations at high risk for collisions.
  • Lowering speed limits along 32 more corridors.
  • Increasing pedestrian walk times at 50 more intersections.
  • Expanding the school "Watch Your Speed" program at 20 more locations.

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Police are 'naming and shaming' drunk drivers, but does it work?

January 10, 2017, Yahoo Canada (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

If you’re charged with impaired driving in certain parts of the country, be prepared to have that record made readily available.

Police are using so-called “name and shame” tactics, sharing lists of people charged with drunk driving, in an attempt at deterrence. But there is a lack of evidence it works, says an anti-drunk driving advocate.

The names of anyone charged with impaired driving are available on court records and therefore technically public, but some police forces are making it easier to find that information by publishing online news releases compiling the names.

For the past decade, Winnipeg Police have published names of people charged during the month of December, in connection with annual holiday check-points.

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York Regional Police might start naming and shaming alleged impaired drivers

January 9, 2017, CBC News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

After one of the deadliest years in recent history, York Regional Police says it will consider publicly naming each person it charges with an impaired driving offence.

"We're trying everything," said Const. Andy Pattenden. "This is just one more tool that may have an impact."

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Metro Talks: Transportation Director Barbara Gray on the future of our roadways

January 9, 2017, Metro News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

After 17 years in the Seattle, first as an urban planning student, and then as the city’s deputy director of transportation, Barbara Gray is ready for something bigger…

…Gray, Toronto’s newly-minted director of transportation, will undoubtedly be one of the city’s most-watched bureaucrats of 2017. Under her watch, the city will roll out its new road safety plan, tackle congestion and “rebalance” the roads so pedestrians and cyclists can get around safely and easily.

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Pedestrian safety advocates condemn right-on-red

January 8, 2017, CTV News (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

A pedestrian safety awareness group is calling for a total ban on right-on-red in Quebec.

Pietons Quebec co-spokesperson Felix Gravel, said elected officials have a duty to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians. He said right turns at a stoplight pose a constant danger.

Gravel said automotive fluidity should not be the sole factor that determines the development of cities.

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New numbers reveal 2016 was Toronto’s deadliest year for pedestrians in at least a decade

January 6, 2017, The Star (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Older citizens bore the brunt of a record-breaking 12 months for pedestrian deaths in Toronto last year.

Statistics released to the Star by the Toronto police this week confirmed that last year was the deadliest for the city’s pedestrians in more than a decade, with 43 people killed by drivers. That’s the highest death toll since at least 2005, the oldest year on record in data recently released by the city.

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Transport Quebec to hold public consultations on road safety

January 6, 2017, Montreal Gazette (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Quebecers are being invited to participate in public consultations on road safety, beginning Monday.

The consultations, conducted by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, aim to “enable citizens and groups to express their views on what should be done first and foremost to improve Québec’s road safety record,” the ministry said in a statement.

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Drug-impaired driving incidents in Ontario’s York Region up in 2016, “trend indicates continuing increases”: police

January 5, 2017, Canadian Underwriter (YORK REGION, ONTARIO)

Ontario’s York Regional Police (YRP) is reporting that while the number of charges for drug-impaired driving is down slightly for 2016 from the previous year, the number of incidents has risen “and the trend indicates continuing increases.”

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The 'stiffest' in Canada: A look at P.E.I.'s new impounding penalties for impaired driving

January 5, 2017, CBC News (CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI)

Police on P.E.I. will soon have new powers to impound vehicles, powers designed to discourage impaired and dangerous driving.

"To deal with offenders, who are multiple ones, who it doesn't seem to matter whether there's fines or a little bit of jail time or driver licence suspensions," explained Graham Miner, director of highway safety for the P.E.I. government.

"It may be necessary to start taking the vehicles away to try and stop them from driving."

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Forbes Magazine Names TrueMotion Co-Founder and CTO Brad Cordova to "30 Under 30" List of Top Young Changemakers and Innovators

January 4, 2017, Market Wired (BOSTON, MA)

Brad Cordova, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at TrueMotion, has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The list, now in its sixth year is "The most definitive gathering of today's leading young changemakers and innovators in the U.S.," according to Forbes. This year's 600 winners (30 honorees in 20 categories) were selected from more than 15,000 nominees -- a 4 percent acceptance rate.

Brad Cordova co-founded TrueMotion while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was inspired by a near-death experience he had while driving. A car, driven by a distracted driver, ran an intersection and plowed into Cordova's car, severing it in half. Cordova survived, but still suffers from headaches and other ailments. He founded TrueMotion in large part to find a way to use technology to reduce accidents stemming from distracted driving.

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'Ellen's law': Calls for road safety changes after death of star N.B. cyclist

January 1, 2017, CTV News (MONCTON, N.B.)

Cyclists rallied in Moncton, N.B., Sunday to demand their government make it illegal for vehicles to come within one metre of bicyclists.

Some of the roughly 100 demonstrators held up signs demanding “One Metre for Ellen” – a reference to Ellen Watters.

Watters was a 28-year-old professional cyclist who died last month after she was struck by a motorist near Sussex, N.B.

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