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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – December 1-31, 2021

January 10, 2022   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

Traffic injuries among youth did not change after legalization of cannabis: study

December 05, 2021, CTV News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Before the legalization of cannabis, some who were opposed to the concept suggested that it could lead to more impaired driving, particularly among youth — a worry that was unwarranted, according to a new study that found that legalization has not been associated with changes in traffic injuries in Canada.

The study, led by University of British Columbia professor Dr. Russ Callaghan, looked at traffic injuries in youth before and after legalization occurred in 2018, and found no significant jump.

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Bill 21 changes the fight against impaired driving

December 11, 2021, RMO Today (ALBERTA)

Three years ago, if an RCMP officer was just starting shift and immediately pulled over an impaired driver, that officer would be off the road for the rest of the night dealing with the criminal offence, coupled with provincial suspensions, such as having the driver's licence suspended.

With the introduction of Bill 21 and its immediate roadside sanctions, the roads are safer and that same RCMP officer would be back on the street faster.

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Cannabis an issue, but fentanyl and meth are leading causes of drug-impaired driving in Regina

December 15, 2021, Regina Leader Post (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

More police training and education since legalization seems to have stopped a feared increase in cannabis-impaired driving.

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New poll about the effects of the pandemic on road safety shows continued risk-taking by a small but growing group of Canadian drivers

December 21, 2021, GlobeNewswire (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has released a new fact sheet, COVID-19 Road Safety Monitor 2021 | The Impact of the Pandemic on Road Safety & Mobility, sponsored by Desjardins. This special edition Road Safety Monitor (RSM) examines the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the attitudes and practices of Canadians with respect to travel behaviour and road safety in 2021 compared to the two previous years. Risky behaviours examined in this poll are speeding, distracted driving, alcohol-impaired driving, drug-impaired driving, polysubstance use and driving, fatigued driving, and seatbelt use.

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most disruptive events in recent history – a public health emergency causing significant disturbances in travel behaviour and road safety during the past two years. It has also had widespread effects on the perceptions of road users with respect to their personal safety on the road as well as unsafe behaviours by other drivers.

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Impaired driving in 2021 exceeds 2020, 2019 numbers: Manitoba RCMP

December 24, 2021, Global News (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitoba RCMP said impaired driving is up compared with the previous two years.

The numbers come as stats released earlier this year show impaired driving infractions were on track to beat 2020 numbers.

Manitoba RCMP reported a total of 1,848 Criminal Code offences and immediate roadside suspensions related to impaired driving this year as of Dec. 17. That figure stood at 1,738 for 2020 and 1,843 for 2019.

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Canadians highlight aggressive driving as a top road safety threat, CAA poll finds

December 30, 2021, CISION (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Canadians see aggressive driving as a serious threat to their safety on the road, rivalling impaired and distracted driving, according to new polling released today by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Empty roads during the pandemic sparked reports of more aggressive driving, but the trend continues to worry Canadians, the poll found, with more than 90 per cent saying forms of aggressive driving, such as drivers running red lights and speeding, are a serious threat to their safety on the road.

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