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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – August 1-31, 2020

October 8, 2020   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Province introduces Active Transportation Planning Grant

August 31, 2020, Government of B.C. (VICTORIA, B.C.)

The Province is introducing a new Active Transportation Planning Grant, which will enable local governments to receive funding to incorporate or strengthen active transportation components of their community development plans.

In total, $600,000 will be available over two years for this program. This will help make cycling, walking and other forms of active transportation safe, accessible and convenient for people, while lessening climate pollution caused by greenhouse gases.

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2020 on track to be worst year in a decade for serious/catastrophic injuries: Manitoba Public Insurance

August 28, 2020, MPI (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Disturbingly, serious/catastrophic injury claims have doubled so far this year, according to Manitoba Public Insurance.

As of the end of July, a total of 18 serious/catastrophic injury claims (quadriplegic, paraplegic, brain injury) have been opened with MPI. In July alone, there were nine serious/catastrophic claims opened with MPI. In comparison, there were nine and eight serious/catastrophic injury claims during the same time period in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

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BikeMaps.org online tool tracks incidents & improves cycling safety for Canadians

August 26, 2020, Financial Post (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Today, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), in partnership with the University of Victoria and with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, released a new report, BikeMaps.org – Final report on the evaluation of a crowdsourced tool to compile, analyze and communicate data about cycling safety.

Now more than ever, Canadians appreciate the benefits of getting outside, being active, and exploring alternate options for commuting or getting around town. Cities are reassessing the status quo to provide their community members with enhanced options for walking and cycling. It’s a complex process, and in addition to community feedback, data is essential to proposing a well-informed plan. BikeMaps.org is the first of its kind online geo-mapping reporting system designed to collect data on cycling incidents using the power of crowdsourcing, where data is voluntarily submitted by the public through the internet…

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Desjardins's 2020 road safety survey results: improvements still needed

August 26, 2020, Newswire.ca (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Canadians have been diligently taking new safety precautions in 2020 to protect their health but the same can't be said about some dangerous driving behaviours.

"For a few years now, Desjardins has been surveying Canadians on distracted driving, drug impaired driving and, more recently, vehicle safety technology. We do this to raise awareness on road safety issues and we are committed to reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities on our roads," said Valérie Lavoie, President and Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins General Insurance Group.

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Saskatchewan judge rules roadside breath testing without any suspicion is constitutional

August 20, 2020, The Chronicle Herald (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

A Saskatchewan judge has ruled that a new law allowing police to demand a roadside breath test from any driver without needing suspicion of drinking is constitutional.

This appears to be the first ruling on a Charter challenge of mandatory breath screening, federal legislation that was passed by the Liberal government and took effect in December 2018. Prior to the new law, police required some reason — such as slurred speech, bad driving or the odour of alcohol — to demand that a driver take a breath test.

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Cops target pandemic pandemonium on GTA roads

August 16, 2020, Toronto Sun (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

For Sgt. Scott Hogan, it was most obvious during his drive home.

A member of the Peel Regional Police’s Road Safety Services bureau — a strategic unit devoted to targeting road safety issues — he recalls his afternoon commute from police headquarters to his home in Hamilton becoming a breeze during the early days of the pandemic.

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After months of relative quiet, back-to-school season could test Toronto's road safety once again

August 16, CBC News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Pedestrian safety advocates say the deaths of two toddlers last week may be a harbinger of further tragedies as kids head back to school and more drivers return to the roads in the coming weeks.

A three-year-old was killed Tuesday after being hit by an SUV in Etobicoke. Just a day later, a 19-month-old child was struck and killed by a van in a Mississauga parking lot.

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Do animals actually use highway crossings? The MTO says yes

August 13, 2020, ElliotLakeToday.com (ELLIOT LAKE, ONTARIO)

Within the writing process, some nature stories are more satisfying to write than others and this is a unique one.

Why do animals cross the road? They always seem to run on to the road at the wrong time. It occurs because wildlife and people driving vehicles are on the roads simultaneously they cannot predict the behaviour of one another. You most likely have had a close encounter of the animal kind. Wildlife collisions are a serious safety concern on Highways 69, 11 and 17. In addition to frequent collisions, there are high severity collisions due to the prevalence of moose along the corridors.

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Study finds support for shared e-scooters and other micromobility options in Metro Vancouver

August 12, 2020, SFU News (VANCOUVER, B.C.)

A study by SFU’s Cities, Health and Active Transportation Research (CHATR) Lab, in partnership with HUB Cycling, finds people are generally positive about shared micromobility options for Metro Vancouver.

Shared micromobility is a phrase used to describe a variety of shared, publicly available, human and electric-powered vehicles, including bike share (dockless and station-based), electric bicycles and electric scooters.

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Winnipeg-based startup MicroTraffic launches grant application program to help Canadian cities improve road safety

August 11, 2020, Newswire.ca (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Almost 8 in 10 road fatalities happen at locations where no fatalities had occurred in the past.* Yet currently, only historical crash data that involves a fatality – not near misses – is being used to make infrastructure change.

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SGI promoting safe driving practices with social media contests

August 9, 2020, DiscoverWeyburn.com (WEYBURN, SASKATCHEWAN)

SGI is encouraging more people to follow their social media and take part in the contests being held on their FaceBook. These contests come with free gear and swag while promoting safe driving. Their most recent contest included sharing stories of how either friends or local establishments made sure you got home safe.

"They'll leave their vehicle in the lot overnight and come back to get it the next day when they're sober and find a coupon for free appetizers from the establishments," Media Relations Manager with SGI, Tyler McMurchy, shared. "You can't be their customer if you're dead or in jail due to drunk driving."

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Safety is a matter of inches — the width of road markings, UBC professor says

August 6, 2020, Vancouver Sun (VANCOUVER, B.C.)

Tarek Sayed admits he’s driven his wife and three children a little crazy over the years: the University of B.C. civil engineering professor can’t go anywhere without pointing out what’s wrong with the roads, and what could be done better.

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Slow down: SPVM launches new safety campaign to quell spike in deadly road collisions

August 5, 2020, Global News (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Slow down and follow the rules. That is the message from the SPVM’s latest safety campaign calling on road users to share the road safely.

As of Tuesday, Montreal police started making their presence known on popular street corners across the city.

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Cyclists rally downtown to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement

August 1, 2020, CBC News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Hundreds of cyclists rallied in Nathan Phillips Square on Friday to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the 1990s, Toronto cycling advocates have held what they call Critical Mass demonstrations, usually on the last Friday of the month, to demand safer streets for cyclists.

Cyclists often take over streets, occupy intersections and disrupt traffic as they show the strength of their numbers.

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