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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – April 1-30, 2022

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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Vélo Québec calling for automobile insurance act to protect all cyclists and pedestrians

April 01, 2022, Global News (QUÉBEC, QUÉBEC)

Quebec lawmakers are currently working on Bill 22 to update the automobile insurance act, the highway safety code and other road provisions. Vélo Québec would like to see these ongoing discussions broadened to protect more people “because it’s just the fair thing to do.

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MADD Canada re-launches mobile sign campaign

April 01, 2022, CTV News (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

MADD Canada re-launched its “Impaired Driver Caught Here” mobile sign campaign in communities around Saskatchewan on Friday.

Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Meadow Lake, Estevan, and Moose Jaw will place signs at locations where impaired drivers were caught and charged. This is the first time Moose Jaw will be participating in the campaign.

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Automated plate readers nab drivers as SGI highlights driving offences

April 01, 2022, Driving.ca (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

The casual eye sees heavy traffic on a busy street. An Automated Licence Plate Reader sees fish in a barrel.

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Lowering speed limits on Welland side streets something to consider, says councillor

April 02, 2022, Niagara Falls Review (ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO)

Lowering the speed limits on Welland side streets is something that could be discussed in the near future, says Ward 3 Coun. John Chiocchio.

St. Catharines is lowering the speed limit on neighbourhood side streets to 40 km/h from 50 km/h, but it won’t take effect right away…

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Driving suspended? Bad idea

April 02, 2022, Sask Today (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

This April, SGI and law enforcement are shining the Traffic Safety Spotlight on suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles.

Drivers can be suspended and/or have their vehicles impounded for driving impaired* and other unsafe driving behaviours.  There are actually quite a few different reasons a driver’s licence can be suspended, including missing required driver education classes or because they have a medical issue that affects their ability to drive.

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ICBC launching driving simulation app to help new drivers recognize hazards


ICBC, in partnership with the provincial government, TELUS and Project Whitecard Inc., is launching a new simulation and training tool for inexperienced drivers, called Street Sense.

Street Sense is an interactive application designed to help pre-drivers, inexperienced drivers, and drivers new to B.C., learn and gain experience in recognizing and avoiding potential hazards on the road in a safe, online environment.

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Speeding the educational focus of RCMP this spring

April 06, 2022, Morinville Online (ALBERTA)

This April, SGI and law enforcement are shining the Traffic Safety Spotlight on suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles.

Drivers can be suspended and/or have their vehicles impounded for driving impaired* and other unsafe driving behaviours.  There are actually quite a few different reasons a driver’s licence can be suspended, including missing required driver education classes or because they have a medical issue that affects their ability to drive.

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John Ducker: How to stay safe on your e-bike

April 08, 2022, Times Colonist (VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Safety gear is key. Wiping out at 30 km/h on an e-bike while helmetless, shirtless, and wearing flip-flops would be just as excruciating as doing it on a motorcycle.

It will come as a shock to no one that skyrocketing gas prices in the past three months are pushing lots of people to invest in an electric bike. Even Alberta, the bastion of big oil and even bigger trucks, is seeing a dramatic surge in electric bike sales.

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SUVs protect drivers, but make everyone else less safe. How do we change that?


An SUV is two to three times more likely to kill a pedestrian in a collision compared to a regular car, according to a 2015 report from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Why?  It's a design problem.

A key feature of an SUV is that it sits higher off the ground compared to other types of cars. That means if it hits a pedestrian, its bumper is colliding with the person's rib cage and vital organs.

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New Westminster police to get forensic help with future deadly crashes

April 10, 2022, New Westminster Record (NEW WESTMINSTER, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

When a serious motor vehicle crash happens in New Westminster in the future – especially one that involves a death – local police will be getting some key support in their investigations.

The New Westminster Police Department announced this week that it is expanding its participation in integrated policing programs and will be joining the Lower Mainland Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service (ICARS), with a preliminary start this month.

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Why ‘Vision Zero’ Hit a Wall

April 11, 2022, Bloomberg (UNITED STATES)

The traffic safety movement has saved lives across the European countries that adopted its principles. But in the U.S., deaths in participating cities have continued to rise.

Los Angeles, a city famously built around the automobile, has long been a dangerous place to walk. In 2015 a local advocacy group created a map of locations where drivers had struck pedestrians, flagging particular spots — like the Hollywood and Highland intersection — where dozens of collisions occurred in a single year.

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April is Speed Awareness Month in Alberta

April 11, 2022, Bloomberg (MEDICINE HAT, ALBERTA)

Alberta RCMP want to remind drivers about the dangers of speeding, especially as the weather begins to get warmer and roads start to clear.

April marks Speed Awareness Month in the province.

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County passes bylaw designating nine Community Safety Zones

April 13, 2022, Wellington Advertiser (GUELPH, ONTARIO)

Nine Community Safety Zones are set to go into effect on roads around Wellington County later this spring.

A bylaw designating the road segments where enhanced fines can be levied on motorists for speeding and other traffic offences was approved at the recommendation of the roads committee at the March 31 Wellington County council meeting.

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Speed limits to change in May

April 15, 2022, The Grove Examiner (FORT SASKATCHEWAN, ALBERTA)

The City of Fort Saskatchewan announced that speed limits will be changing in the city effective Monday, May 16 as part of the Vision Zero traffic safety program.

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Fewer British Columbians Are Noticing Distracted Drivers on Roads

April 19, 2022, Research.co (VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

While the proportion of British Columbians who are detecting distracted drivers has dropped since 2020, most of the province’s residents think it is time for tougher penalties to deal with this issue, a new Research Co. poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative provincial sample, 46% of British Columbians say they witnessed a driver talking on a hand-held cell phone or texting while driving over the past four weeks, down nine points since a similar Research Co. poll conducted in December 2020.

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Speed limit coming down in these Milton neighbourhoods. Here's what residents should know

April 20, 2022, The Star (MILTON, ONTARIO)

A number of new road safety measures will be introduced in Milton, including a pilot project that would drop the speed limit in certain neighbourhoods to 40 km/h from 50 km/h.

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Brampton has more fatal and life-altering crashes than Mississauga and Caledon combined

April 20, 2022, insauga.com (BRAMPTON, MANITOBA)

Brampton is seeing an average of 50 victims seriously injured or killed on city streets as a result of car crashes every year.

Peel Regional Police (PRP) say there have been 499 motor vehicle collision fatalities or life-altering injuries in the Region between 2017 and 2021, and Brampton accounts for more than half of those incidents at 253.

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Saskatchewan government expands blue light rules to improve road safety

April 20, 2022, Global News (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

More blue lights will be found in the community on most first responding vehicles after the Saskatchewan government amended legislation.

Last Thursday, the Vehicle Equipment Regulations were passed to allow more emergency vehicles to add blue flashing lights to their existing lights.

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The Pros and Cons of Higher Speed Limits

April 22, 2022, Autotrader.ca (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Today, Ontario officially raised the speed limit on a few sections of its 400-series highways to 110 km/h from the province’s longstanding 100-km/h limit. The change comes after an 18-month pilot project to gauge public opinion of faster highway speeds and their potential impact on road safety.

The 110 km/h speed limit is now permanent on more than 300 km of the province’s divided highways, including Queen Elizabeth Way from Hamilton to St. Catharines; Highway 401 from Windsor to Tilbury; Highway 402 between London and Sarnia; Highway 404 from Newmarket to Woodbine; and two sections of Highway 417 bracketing the Ottawa area: one from Arnprior to Kanata in the west, and another from Ottawa’s east end to the Quebec border.

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Shuttle services to potentially be regulated under Vehicle for Hire bylaw in Red Deer

April 26, 2022, rdnewsnow (RED DEER, ONTARIO)

Shuttle service businesses in Red Deer may soon be required to follow regulations under the Vehicle for Hire bylaw.

On April 25, 2022, city council approved first reading of the proposed amendment to the existing bylaw.

Implemented in September 2021, the Vehicle for Hire bylaw (3644/2020) was created after consultations with other municipalities, the taxi industry, the transportation network industry, limo and sedan services, designated driver services and the public.

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Canada a nation of distracted drivers, CAA finds

April 27, 2022, CISION (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Nearly 8 in 10 Canadian drivers (79%) admit to being distracted while driving, according to a CAA poll released today. And among the most dangerous distractions people name are their own in-vehicle technologies, like a phone, the vehicle console, or voice-activated features.

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