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Canadian Road Safety News Digest – April 1-30, 2017

May 24, 2017   |   Categories: Quick Scan

Last Updated on May 24, 2017

Impaired Driving Victims and Survivors Find Support, Comfort at MADD Canada National Conference

April 27, 2017, Market Wired (OAKVILLE, ONTARIO)

More than 200 people whose lives have been forever impacted by impaired driving come together this weekend to share their experiences, support one another and honour their loved ones at MADD Canada's National Conference for Victims of Impaired Driving.

The conference, running from April 28 - 30 in Toronto, provides a series of keynote addresses and workshop sessions to help delegates cope with traumatic, life-altering experiences.

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Province Investing $390 Million to Twin and Improve Safety

April 26, 2017, Government of Nova Scotia (HALIFAX, NS)

After hearing from Nova Scotians during province-wide twinning consultations, government is investing an additional $390 million in capital funding over seven years to improve highways without the use of tolls.

“We did not hear overwhelming support from Nova Scotians about paying a toll for twinned highways, but they were clear we should act now to improve our roads,” said Geoff MacLellan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. “We will do that with an emphasis on safety and, at the same time, we will create economic opportunities for Nova Scotians.”

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More Saskatchewan drivers caught texting than ever before

April 24, 2017, CBC News (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

Hundreds of Saskatchewan residents were caught red-handed for using a cellphone while driving in March: the most ever in one month.

SGI's monthly traffic safety spotlights began in 2014, but last month took the cake for the most distracted driving tickets. In March, 523 tickets were issued…

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Edmonton traffic safety improving, but a long road ahead: city

April 21, 2017, Global News (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

The goal of zero traffic deaths and injuries is ambitious, but on Friday the City of Edmonton said it is making inroads.

Vision Zero is a strategy adopted by city council in 2015 and launched in 2016.

The Vision Zero program first began in Sweden in 1997 and the city said that country now has the lowest rate of traffic fatalities in the world.

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Major investment in Alberta highway projects will provide safer, more efficient travel across the province

April 20, 2017, Government of Alberta (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

The governments of Canada and Alberta are investing in well-planned infrastructure that will make it easier to move people and products across the country, while supporting sustained economic growth and productivity for years to come.

Amarjeet Sohi, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and Brian Mason, Alberta Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation, have announced funding for 10 bundled highway rehabilitation and improvement projects in Alberta, totalling 96 subcomponent construction projects across the province.

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Trudeau government introduces sweeping changes to impaired driving laws

April 13, 2017, CBC News (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced major changes to the country's impaired driving laws Thursday, including provisions that will allow for mandatory roadside alcohol screening and new criminal offences for driving while high.

The legislation, introduced concurrently with the government's cannabis legalization bill, will allow police to demand a driver provide an "oral fluid sample" — saliva — if they suspect a driver is drug impaired. A positive reading could lead to further testing, including a blood test, to determine whether a criminal offence has been committed.

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Liberals table bills to legalize pot, clamp down on impaired driving

April 13, 2017, CBC News (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

The Liberal government has tabled legislation to end the prohibition on pot, checking off a major promise from the 2015 campaign.

The pot plan comes with two new bills; one to regulate the recreational use, sale and cultivation of marijuana, and a second that strengthens measures to stop impaired driving.

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OTA weighs in on proposed Thunder Bay truck ban

April 13, 2017, Today’s Trucking (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

The Ontario Trucking Association is asking Thunder Bay, Ontario to consider safety zones and photo radar rather than banning truck traffic on several routes…

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Cycling and pedestrian safety advocates support lower speed limits

April 11, 2017, News 95.7 (HALIFAX, NS)

Regional council is meeting today to debate the transportation committee’s recommendation to ask the province to lower speed limits in the municipality’s residential areas.

Executive director of the Halifax Cycling Coalition Kelsey Lane supports the motion being presented by the committee.

“We certainly support the lower speed limits on streets,” said Lane. “We think it’s very important for vulnerable road users and especially for the city as a whole.”

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Close calls: Video technology would help Calgary fix problem roads before tragedy strikes

April 10, 2017, Metro (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

Near misses, and a community’s concern over sketchy roadways are actually the key to a more proactive traffic safety plan – and the city’s investing in a tool that would make that data readily available to the transportation and roads department.

It’s called video risk management, and according to city traffic safety engineer Joanna Domarad it’s an emerging technology able to track traffic problems and give planners eyes on a fix without tragedy striking first.

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CAA South Central Ontario launches worst roads campaign for 2017

April 10, 2017, Global News (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Ontario’s month-long worst roads campaign for 2017 kicks off for yet another round of voting.

CAA South Central Ontario is urging Ontarians to go online and vote for the roads most in need of repair and redesign.

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MPI Demos VR To Discourage Dangerous Driving

April 7, 2017, MyToba (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

Manitoba Public Insurance is launching a new virtual reality experience to tackle three critical road safety issues facing young drivers in Manitoba.

Through the use of VR headsets, simulated vehicles and intricate sensor systems, DRIVR-X allows participants to explore a three-dimensional VR environment with multiple story lines that require them to make important, life-changing decisions about distracted driving, impaired driving, and speeding.

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Municipalities urge MTO to revamp road rules after fatal pileup, chemical spill

April 7, 2017, CBC News Ottawa (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

Municipalities along Highway 401 in eastern Ontario are calling on the province to update its road safety rules in the wake of a massive pileup last month that left a truck driver dead and caused a dangerous chemical spill.

The pileup between Brockville and Kingston on March 14 involved 30 vehicles and shut the major highway for more than a day after fluorosilicic acid spilled from tractor-trailers.

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Legislation passed to improve safety for tow truck drivers

April 6, 2017, Regina Leader Post (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

It was a bittersweet moment for the tow truck industry in Saskatchewan on Thursday. For decades tow truck drivers had been lobbying for changes to be made to improve safety on the province’s roads but it took the death of one of its own last month to spur the government into action.

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MADD Canada, SGI and SLGA Show Saskatchewan Students How Impaired Driving Ruins Lives in the Blink of an Eye

April 6, 2017, Market Wired (REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN)

A dynamic new education program produced by MADD Canada and sponsored by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is showing students how impaired driving can change someone's world in the blink of an eye.

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Fewer dead on Quebec roads, except for pedestrians

April 5, 2017, CTV Montreal (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says an increase in pedestrian deaths in Quebec in 2016 proves allowing right turns on red lights would be a bad idea.
Coderre has been an ardent opponent against right turns on red lights, saying Montrealers aren’t ready to change the rules of the road.

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Rearview Mirror: Vehicle safety became a priority because of Ralph Nader

April 5, 2017, Driving (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

People look at old cars today and say, “They don’t make ’em like that anymore” – but it’s good that they don’t. These cars are prized collectibles today, but many of their designs were inherently unsafe, and that was unacceptable to a young lawyer named Ralph Nader.

In 1965 he published a book, Unsafe at Any Speed, that would ultimately change the industry. Those who haven’t read it usually portray it solely as an attack on Chevrolet’s Corvair — the first chapter was devoted to that car — but Nader went after all automakers, along with federal transportation agencies and auto insurers.

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FACTSHEET: Investments in Provincial Transportation Infrastructure

April 5, 2017, Government of BC (VICTORIA, BC)

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure makes strategic investments in British Columbia to create safer and more reliable transportation networks, drive strong economic growth and enable trade. The ministry works closely with the Government of Canada to leverage federal funding opportunities to help deliver infrastructure improvement projects for the betterment of B.C.

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City pledges to listen better, take the heat on controversial neighbourhood traffic plans

April 5, 2017, Edmonton Journal (EDMONTON, ALBERTA)

Traffic engineers are simply playing “whack-a-mole” on city streets with their traffic calming efforts, says one frustrated Sherbrooke resident.

Fix a problem in Prince Charles and fast-moving traffic simply shifts one neighbourhood over, councillors were told at a committee meeting Wednesday…

…Council’s urban planning committee approved a new traffic calming policy Wednesday, pledging to look at neighbourhood issues holistically and move beyond the boundaries of a neighbourhood where necessary.

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ICBC looks at anti-distracted driving technology

April 5, 2017, ICBC (VANCOUVER, BC)

As part of ICBC and the B.C. government's continued commitment to reducing distracted driving, today ICBC posted a Request for Information (RFI) on B.C. Bid for market research and technology aimed at reducing distracted driving.

ICBC is interested in understanding what technological solutions are available in the marketplace to limit or prevent driver distraction resulting from the use of personal electronic devices while driving.

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Texting while driving to blame? Pedestrian deaths up 40% in Quebec in 2016

April 4, 2017, CBC News Montreal (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

Pedestrian deaths were up 40 per cent in Quebec last year over 2015, according to a report by Quebec's Transport Ministry and the province's automobile insurance board, the SAAQ.

In 2016, 63 pedestrians were killed in the province, compared with 45 the previous year.

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Velo Cape Breton encourages more infrastructure for bike safety

April 4, 2017, Cape Breton Post (SYDNEY, NS)

Paul Babin knows the importance of bicycle safety.

Babin is the vice-president of Velo Cape Breton, a non-profit, volunteer-run bicycle organization, serving bike riders across the island.

For Velo Cape Breton, more bike lanes, wider shoulders and public education is something the organization encourages.

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Drivers not getting the message about the risk of texting while driving

April 3, 2017, Comox Valley Echo (COMOX VALLEY, BC)

Distracted driving is a serious problem and is responsible for more than one quarter of all car crash fatalities in British Columbia.

The message, however, is still not getting through despite the increase in fines and the well-established fact that it is dangerous.

Last week the Comox Valley RCMP was out with representatives from ICBC and Comox Valley volunteers for the Annual Distracted Driving Campaign, the first of two this year. The next campaign is in September.

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April is speeding awareness month

April 3, 2017, rdnewsNOW (RED DEER, ALBERTA)

RCMP and its law enforcement partners will be focusing their attention on speeding related offences in April, trying to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.

Mounties say drivers also need to realize the importance of the role they play too and have listed a few reminders:

Speed limits save lives every day – maybe today it’s yours.

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