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Road Safety Promotion Across Canada

February 18, 2015   |   Categories: The Safety Network

Last Updated on February 23, 2015

The promotion of road safety in Canada takes place at many levels. Some national programmes, typically in support of federal legislation, are undertaken by one or more government departments (e.g. justice, health and transport). Likewise, the departments of transportation of the provinces and territories, and the public insurance corporations in a number of provinces, conduct significant safety promotional activities in their respective jurisdictions. In addition, police services, insurers, research groups, motoring associations, and many non-profit safety organizations (including CARSP!) are very active in promoting the safety of road users, motor vehicles, and our highways.

It is through such combined efforts that significant progress has been made in reducing the road casualty toll in Canada over the decades and, more particularly, through the more recent implementation of a series of “Road Safety Vision” initiatives.

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The current issue of The Safety Network focuses on road safety promotion in Canada. A lead article from the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) provides the background for safety initiatives at a national level. Elsewhere, provinces from across Canada have showcased their latest or most successful road safety campaigns, including details of the programme background, objectives, target audience, methodology, media strategy, findings and evaluation. It is hoped that by sharing this information, successful programmes can be utilized or adapted by other jurisdictions and help make Canada’s roads even safer.

Alan German
Road Safety Research