Street Sense, ICBC’s interactive app for new drivers, launches today

April 6, 2022   |   Categories: News, Partner News

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

BC announce the launch of a new app to help new and inexperienced drivers improve their hazard perception skills.

Street Sense is an interactive learning experience that aims to enhance situational awareness by presenting hazards in driving scenarios in a safe, repeatable and consistent way. The app features conditions and situations specific to B.C. and is available on multiple devices, including mobile (iOS and Android), PC download, via web browser and (coming soon) virtual reality headsets.

Street Sense offers an opportunity to virtually experience a range of driving situations to better prepare drivers before they get behind the wheel – a tool that can be especially useful for learners, novice drivers and those new to B.C.

While the app is geared at helping new and inexperienced drivers improve their hazard perception skills, it's also a great refresher for everyone.

You can access Street Sense at

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