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Parachute presents: Author Jessie Singer

March 16, 2022   |   Categories: Partner News

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

Jessie Singer's best friend died 15 years ago when he was 22, cycling in New York, and a driver hit and killed him.
Singer, a journalist, also became a road safety advocate. Her quest to find out why society often doesn't take effective action to prevent injury deaths has resulted in this landmark book, published in February 2022.
Singer will be interviewed live by Parachute's President and CEO, Pamela Fuselli via a free Zoom webinar on Tuesday, April 5, 2022., 1 pm EDT.
The book examines who is harmed most by injury in American society. Singer meticulously reviews data and interviews experts. "Accidents are not flukes or freak mishaps - whether or not you die by accident is just a measure of your power, or lack of it."
As Singer puts it, "What we call accidents - the traffic crashes, the house fires, the falls and drownings -- rarely register as a concern. Why are accidents so common? Why are accidents killing us more than ever? Why don't we talk about it? And what can we do to stem the rising tide of death and life-altering injury?"