CARSP offers a variety of effective networking opportunities

CARSP Conference

Our annual flagship event provides the best networking opportunities. In a survey of past delegates, when asked what the most important benefit was, the top answer was networking.

  • Connect with the who’s who
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Possible collaboration
  • Seek out potential clients

CARSP Membership Network

The CARSP Members Network is currently made up of 300+ persons whose work is either partly or wholly focused on road safety. Members have the opportunity to search the members database.

Cross-sector discussions

Members have found that cross-sector discussions can be very enlightening. Not only do they give one a broader perspective of the road safety field, they can help one to better understand an issue or a problem and its possible solution.

Sectors include:

  • Government (Federal, Provincial and Local)
  • Police/Enforcement (RCMP, local police)
  • University
  • Not for Profit Safety Organization (Safety Council, CRSYC, Arrive Alive Drive Sober, CCMTA, etc.)
  • Private Consultants (e.g. Engineering)
  • Research Agencies (e.g. TIRF, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse)
  • Driving Institutes
  • Motor Associations (e.g. AMA, CAA)
  • Insurance Organizations (e.g. ICBC, IBC, SGI, MPI, SAAQ)
  • Legal professionals

Road Safety Expert Network

Our newly expanded and detailed members profiles will enable us to develop a network of Road Safety Experts and provide more options for sharing information with other members, organizations and with the media.

CARSP Board and Committees

Members can network is by either joining the CARSP board or by being on one of our sub-committees. Every year we recruit six board members. We also have four standing committees we seek out members from the general CARSP membership. These committees are:

  • Structure and Governance
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Membership

CARSP News and Events

Educational and networking opportunities are a great way to share knowledge and make connections with those with similar interests. Keep checking the CARSP website for the latest updates in:

  • Webinar and training opportunities
  • National and international future conferences
  • Job postings

Follow CARSP

Count on CARSP to be active during the time of our annual conference to provide regular and timely updates.