2019 Abstracts – Policy & Practice Stream

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2019 Abstract - Policy & Practice Stream

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An overview of the Safe System Approach


The Safe System Approach was first introduced to Canada in 2007 as one of the recommendations in CCMTA’s Road Safety Vision 2010 – Mid-term review. Yet, it is disappointing that twenty years later, there has been limited support within the provinces and territories or municipalities for implementation.
This holistic approach is based on these principles:
• Humans make errors and are vulnerable to injury;
• Responsibility is shared among all sectors;
• No death nor serious injury is acceptable; and
• It combines Proactive and Reactive approaches.


As road users are human, crashes are always likely to happen even though there is a continuing focus on prevention. The Safe System Approach is the process through which Vision Zero can be achieved, by providing a powerful platform for the development, adoption and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated road safety strategy. The basic premise for survivability is that when a five star driver (obeying the law, sober and not distracted), is driving a five star vehicle on a five star road and road side with a five star speed limit for the crash risk on that section of road, then any road user in or outside the vehicle should not be subjected to a crash of such severity that they lose their life if they or the driver make a simple mistake or error of judgement.

Target Group

The Safe System Approach comprises all aspects of collision prevention and avoidance. including Safe Roads, Safe Road Users, Safe Vehicles, an effective Post-Crash Response, all based on a foundation of a robust Road Safety Management System


What it means, quite simply, is that we have to reduce the impact on human trauma through multiple measures involving:
• Land Use Planning - Road safety policy should be integrated into city and urban planning
• Safe roads- That are predictable & forgiving of mistakes
• Improved Mobility choices - Fostering a range of safe and comfortable transportation choices reduces the number of people traveling by private motorized vehicle, which in turn reduces the risk of traffic deaths
• Safe speeds- Travel speeds suit the function & level of road safety
• Safe vehicles- That prevent crashes & protect road users
• Safe road users- Road users that are skilled & competent, alert and unimpaired. They comply with road rules and take steps to improve safety
• Post crash response


Recently the World Resources Institute conducted analysis of traffic fatalities in 63 countries between 1994 and 2015 which revealed that countries that have adopted a Safe System Approach have both the lowest rates of fatalities (per 100,000) and the fastest rate of change in fatality rates .

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