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The campaign was a collaborative effort across three County departments: Transportation Planning and Engineering, RCMP and Enforcement Services and Transportation and Agriculture Services, as well as Aa large pubic engagement process which in turn became a community group dedicated to residential traffic safety known as CARTS (Community Action on Residential Traffic Safety)


• Build community by bringing residents together to address a common concern
• Build capacity (membership for CARTS) for resident engagement in neighbourhood traffic safety
• Build understanding of the Safe System approach to traffic safety
• Educate drivers about the importance of slowing down in neighbourhoods
• Improve driver behaviour on residential roads

Target Group

The campaign was designed to target residential drivers involved in contravention of the rules of the road in residential areas that have not been identified as "risk" but form the bulk of public complaints to elected officials and law enforcement groups.


Engagement was the cornerstone of this initiative. A small group of residents (Community Action on Residential Traffic Safety (CARTS)) started a grass roots initiative to support traffic safety on residential roads. Strathcona County partnered with this group to support them to run a lawn sign campaign to let individual residents show their support for managing traffic speeds in the neighbourhood. CARTS developed the messages for the signs, developed the artwork, arranged for the printing of the signs and distributed the signs


RCMP and Enforcement Services provided additional policing resources in the community on a temporary basis. Those receiving a speed violation during the week in a residential area along with those receiving "stop sign" violations during a second part of the campaign were given the opportunity to attend an "Option 4" presentation in lieu of paying their violation.

The Option 4 presentations were 90 minutes long. Participants were presented with information regarding Strathcona County’s approach to traffic safety (the Safe System) as well as some educational messages regarding speed/pedestrian risk and intersection related issues along with local statistics. During the presentation, the Poll Everywhere application was used to gather feedback from participants to explore their opinions and perspectives on speeding in residential areas.


The County evaluated the effectiveness of this campaign by asking participants in the Option 4 presentations how effective they believe the presentations was in changing their behaviour on the road. In addition, de-identified data from the violations was mined to explore potential commonalities amongst speed violators to help with targeting and the development of educational messages.

The effectiveness of the Option 4 presentations is being evaluated by tracking recidivism in the participants over the next year. Recidivism rates will be measured against those of a control group given similar violations the week previous to Road Safety Week, who were not provided the opportunity to participate in the Option 4 presentations.

Webpage analytics were tracked to evaluate the reach of our educational messages. The number of lawn signs distributed was also tracked.

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