Type of Vehicle, Speeding and Acceleration Patterns of Older Drivers During Everyday Driving

Author(s): Andrew W. Cull, Michelle M. Porter, Satoru Nakagawa, Glenys A. Smith, Mark Rapoport, Shawn C. Marshall, Michel Bédard, Holly Tuokko, Brenda Vrkljan, Gary Naglie, Anita Myers, Isabelle Gélinas, Barbara Mazer,

Slidedeck Presentation:

4A - Cull


Findings have not been consistent in the literature on the effect of the type of vehicle on speeding and speed modification. The purpose of the two studies described here was to examine whether vehicle class had an impact on the speeding and acceleration patterns of older male and female drivers (70 years and older) from Candrive. For both studies participants had a device installed in their vehicles that recorded their everyday driving. In the first study a sub-sample (n=51) who changed vehicle was examined. In the second study 493 drivers were studied. Results from both studies suggest that the vehicle driven had little or no impact on percent of time speeding or on the number of hard brakes or accelerations. Given that the propensity for speeding was high amongst these older drivers, regardless of vehicle class, future research should examine what impact this has on older driver road safety.