Manitoba’s Pilot In-Service Road Safety Review Program

Author(s): Craig Milligan, Diana Emerson

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In service road safety reviews are a core component of quantitative road safety management. They consist of a detailed investigation by a team of experts at sites with potential for improvement to document key safety issues and potential short- and long-term remedial measures. Some agencies use a formal annual program of reviews with defined business processes and others conduct reviews on an ad hoc basis. Some agencies do not conduct in-service reviews. Manitoba completed network screening and a pilot program of six in-service reviews in 2014.
In addition to the immediate objective of identifying potential safety improvements at the six selected sites, the larger objective of the pilot was to lay the groundwork for defining potential business processes surrounding in-service reviews going forward. These business processes are for making decisions such as: (1) how many reviews to conduct per year and corresponding budget allocations; (2) how to select sites for review; (3) qualifications of reviewers and team composition; (4) use of internal or external resources for review; (5) setting budgets for immediate implementation of short-term recommendations; and (6) incorporating longer term recommendations into the capital planning process.
The target audience for this presentation includes engineering staff who are either involved in road safety management or are responsible for in-service road safety review programs, as well as individuals who have responsibility for allocating resources to these programs and implementing recommendations from the programs.


Six sites were selected based on TAC’s advanced general purpose network screening approach. Three reviews were conducted by road safety consultants. Three were conducted by internal teams including a traffic, geometric, and safety engineers as well as someone involved in maintenance operations. Reviews were generally conducted in accordance with TAC guidelines for in-service road safety reviews and included collision data analysis, geometric analysis, operations analysis, human factors analysis, key issues synthesis, and recommended short- and long-term improvements.


Each review produced a report synthesizing review results. A broader pilot program report to synthesize lessons learned from the pilot for defining future business processes is still being prepared; results will be shared at the conference.