Enhancing TCP Safety – Remote Sign Turners

Author(s): Daryl Sarauer

Slidedeck Presentation not available (no paper submitted)


When Traffic Control measures require that advance warning signs be located and installed on center medians in-advance to the work area; with narrow or limited shoulders, Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) deploying these advance warning signs are exposed during their egress into live traffic. Reducing the requirement for TCP to “jump” out into traffic to set up advance signing reduces the exposure of TCP to dangerous situations even when Crash Attenuator trucks are utilized during this initial stage of implementation.


Eliminate – reduce the requirement for the TCP to the risk and interaction with traffic during the initial stages of implementing Traffic Control measures.


Utilize Moving Crash attenuator trucks (TMA) equipped with Remote Sign Turner (RST) remotes. These remotes signal the devices to turn the advance traffic control signing to face traffic flows while traveling down the roadway at reduced speeds. The signs would be remotely activated and verified by TCP to face traffic flows. TMA trucks are utilized during setup in case of incidence with travelling public to reduce the severity of injury – therefore NO Stoppage is required on any high speed roadway.


40 Units manufactured
Zero incidence during utilization of the RST deployment
Forces Traffic Control measures to be planned in advance


Worked with Private industry to fulfill a need thru an industry partnership. The development and manufacture from proto-type to production of a safe and reliable traffic control product.


• Zero Incidence
• Safely and Effectively removed the TCP from traffic safety environment
• Forced traffic control measures to be planned more effectively