Coroner’s Report : Vehicle occupants are safer when the mechanical and safety features on the vehicle are in working order.

Author(s): Martin Sanfacon

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4B - Sanfacon



In 2013, Quebec Coroner Martin Sanfacon reviewed a number of cases of road crash fatalities that occurred in Quebec in 2012 to review a potential link between the state of the vehicle and the cause of the crash. At the time of the review, previous coroners had already identified linkages.


Quebec Coroner, Martin Sanfacon will present his latest findings presented to the Quebec Government on November 28, 2014 regarding a direct link between unsafe vehicles and road crash fatalities. He reviews 2 recent cases and speaks to the 28 other similar cases reviewed by other coroners in which the state of the vehicle was linked to the cause of the fatal crashes.


Coroner’s review of the deceased and the review of previous coroner’s reports.

Dr Sanfacon will discuss the linkages found between the state of the vehicles in the cases of the fatal road crashes and the extent of injury to the victim. He makes a direct link for example, between unfit tires, faulty brakes, and unsafe vehicle lighting and the cause of death.


This information is crucial as those responsible for developing safety programs and conducting safety research are encouraged to consider vehicle safety as a contributing factor to road crash injuries and fatalities.


Dr Sanfacon will speak to his recommendations to the Quebec government regarding the development of a vehicle inspection program similar to the one already in place in some provinces. He also will speak to the importance of consumer education on the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.