Teens, be smart while driving with your smartphone

Marketwired (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

October 19-25 is National Teen Driver Safety Week (#NTDSW) according to Parachute Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to saving lives and the creator of the #NTDSW initiative. TELUS and Young Drivers of Canada have teamed up this National Teen Driver Safety Week to raise awareness of the issue and provide teens and their parents with useful tips to help avoid smartphone distractions while driving and impart positive behaviours to help stop it for good.

According to Parachute Canada, while young people only make up 13 per cent of all licensed drivers, they account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities, most of which are preventable. As if being a new, young driver isn't enough, teens are closely connected to their smartphones and all the tempting distractions that come with them.

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