Research Papers at the 2018 CARSP Conference

By Alan German and Javier Zamora-Rojas
Alan is a Research Scientist with Road Safety Research in Ottawa, Ontario. Javier is a Research Transportation Engineer at the Laboratorio Nacional de Materiales y Modelos Estructurales, University of Costa Rica in San José. Both Alan and Javier are current members of CARSP's Editorial Board.

This year’s CARSP Conference, held in Victoria, BC in June, featured research papers and presentations on a wide range of traffic safety issues. Topics included: alcohol and cannabis impaired driving, advanced vehicle technology and automation, traffic engineering, vulnerable road users, fitness to drive, distracted driving, speeding, collision reporting and analysis, and road safety campaigns.

Brief details of some of the information presented at the conference, in particular that related to various panel discussion and the papers that won awards, have been given in other portions of the Summer Issue of the Safety Network Newsletter. The present article highlights some of the other papers and presentations made at the conference.

CARSP members (not a member? Join here) may view the Table of Contents for the entire conference proceedings, and download any paper of interest, by logging on to CARSP’s web site and selecting the paper’s title from: https://www.carsp.ca/research/research-papers/proceedings/2018-victoria/