CARSP – Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award

2023 CARSP Conference - Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award

The Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award – Coming Soon!

This year, a special award is being offered to the top paper, submitted by a student or young road safety professional, that uses Canadian motor vehicle collision data and/or motor vehicle crash test data to promote enhanced safety in motor vehicles.

The basic form of the special award will be a cash prize of $1,000.00 to the winning author who incorporates either motor vehicle collision data or motor vehicle crash test data into their paper. If, however, the author incorporates both types of data into their paper, an additional $1,000 will be awarded ($2,000 in total).  The award recipient will also receive complimentary conference registration to the ITE Canada/CARSP 2023 Joint Conference from June 4-7, 2023, where they will be asked to present their work.


The specific criteria for the special award are as follows:

  1. Papers must be co-authored by a student registered at a Canadian university or by a young professional who has received a degree (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate) from a Canadian university within the past five years.1
  2. To be eligible for the special award, papers must use [i] any Canadian motor vehicle collision data (e.g. police-reported or in-depth crash investigations) and/or [ii] Canadian-sponsored motor vehicle crash test data, as the basis for the analysis conducted and the conclusions reached.
  3. The research must use these data to identify potential improvements in motor vehicle safety, including, but not limited to, improvements in vehicle design and construction, enhancements to vehicle safety systems, reductions in the occurrence or severity of injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes, or the development of innovative, publicly-accessible tools for the analysis of collision or crash test data.2
  4. Eligible papers will be subject to review by a panel of subject matter experts who will decide which, if any, of the eligible submissions merits receiving the special award.
  5. Students must present their paper at the conference (in person) to receive the award.

Papers should be written and formatted according to the 2023 Conference requirements, which can be found below. This year only English entries will be accepted.  Please see below for important dates:

Date Task
April 1, 2023 Deadline – Full Papers & Poster Abstracts due.
May 1, 2023 Winners of the top 3 Student Papers, Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award, and honorary mentions are released. Reviewer comments are provided to authors. Accepted posters are announced.
Three weeks for students to revise papers (if needed, based on reviewer feedback), create a slide deck for oral presentation, and/or create a poster (if invited or accepted).
May 19, 2023 Final slide deck presentation and poster must be submitted.
June 4-7, 2023 2023 ITE Canada/CARSP Joint Conference, poster judging, and awards ceremony.

Please note that students will only be eligible to win one prize for each original work submitted.  If a student does win multiple awards, by default the student will receive the award with the highest cash prize.  Furthermore, students will need to submit applications and associated requirements for each competition entered. Note that students that have already submitted their papers in response to the general Conference call for papers are still eligible for this competition but will need to submit their papers again using the link provided.


1 Note that students actively registered in a Canadian university or college will also be eligible for the annual student paper competition.

2  Some examples of appropriate research topics are:

(1)  the analysis of information from event data recorders with regard to:

–  the efficacy of collision mitigation systems such as forward collision warning and automatic braking,

–  exploring a possible relationship between head injuries and airbag firing times, and

–  investigating the occurrence of foot-and-ankle injuries in relation to pre-crash control pedal application.

(2)  using information for the National Collision DataBase (NCDB) to look at gender-related issues in real-world crashes, and

(3)  developing a tool to merge data from a VINdecoder with related information from the Canadian Vehicle Specifications in order to enhance the breadth of vehicle-related data available for further analysis.


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CARSP Student Travel Award

This year, Western Ergonomics is sponsoring a Student Travel Award to offer support for travel and accommodations for students attending the ITE Canada/CARSP 2023 Joint Conference. Our sponsor is providing travel awards valued at $250-$400 to assist with in person attendance.

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If you have any questions about the student competitions in general, please contact Vikas Ravada at

If you would like further information and assistance with regard to projects meeting the award criteria, please contact the award sponsors: or


Abstract Requirements

The abstract should be no more than 500 words total.

Resources for Writing Papers and Developing Slide Deck Presentations