CARSP Conference 2022

Abstract Submission Form – Policy and Practice Stream

New! - In addition to "paper" submissions, "slidedeck only" submissions to the Policy and Practice stream are now eligible for the Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award! Because of this we have increased the word count to a maximum of 1000 words to accommodate for the extra information required.

Abstract Information

The maximum word count is 1000 for the following fields combined: Context, Objectives, Target Group, Activity(ies), Deliverables

What was the problem/issue you were addressing?

What is the justification or rationale for this program or policy, namely,

  1. a needs assessment or evidence that the problem exists
  2. a generally-accepted theory that the program conceptually makes sense, (e.g. deterrence theory), and
  3. previous research evidence of effectiveness of similar type of program elsewhere?

What were you trying to achieve (i.e., rationale, objectives); what were the proposed outputs (i.e., key deliverables, target group reached).

Who is the program directed at?

Provide a description of the program’s activity(ies), including the nature of the activity(ies) (e.g., legislation, education, enforcement, etc.) and how they were developed and delivered?

  1. What outputs came from this work?
  2. How will this information be applied?
  3. What lessons were learned?
(This is not binding, it gives us information for planning purposes)

Authors's Information

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Additional Author(s)

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