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Youth Engagement as Capacity Building for the Road Safety Profession

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Author/Auteur Doug Leonhardt, Sarah Blades, William Hui, Martin Lavallière


Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 are at a considerably higher risk to be injured or killed in a traffic crash. Many programs have been developed and deployed across the country to address this issue. Development of such programs has generally suffered from a lack of youth input stemming from difficulty reaching or engaging this portion of the population. It is even more critical to engage youth in the area of road safety so as to ensure that the work presently undertaken in the field can continue in the future unabated by retirement rates or other changes in demographics. To address these issues, the Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee undertook a recruitment drive to attract new, young professionals to their organization and more generally, to the field of road safety in order to provide youth input into program and policy development and to build a youthful network to sustain the population of road safety professionals. The results indicate that there is still work to be done to attract new professionals to the field and have yielded insight into recruitment methodologies and their efficacy.

Doug Leonhardt, Sarah Blades, William Hui, Martin Lavallière