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Wrecked Car Coasters

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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
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Author/Auteur Stewart
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4A _ Stewart


Both legislation and attitudes about impaired driving in Ontario have changed dramatically over the last twenty years making it a challenge to keep the public aware of current legislation and to have the right approach for shifting attitudes. So while the arrive alive DRIVE SOBER campaign has been operating for 30 years; we have had to adjust our strategies and approach to the issue to stay on target with reaching the public. By partnering with ReThink Canada, we were able to create a new unique engagement tool to start a conversation with bar patrons in the form of coasters made from cars that were involved in collisions. These coasters had the message "This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home.". These coasters were our first ever viral stunt and have significantly increased our recognition and media presence. We also saw a 200% increase in website visits and had millions of impressions on social media. This viral stunt has helped us evolve our message to the ever changing landscape of road safety and our experience will help benefit the future of sober driving messaging & awareness. Our coasters were brought to a bar in Toronto on St. Patrick's Day weekend. The objective of this was to remind those celebrating to think about how they were going to get home safe. The overall goal was to raise awareness about impaired driving penalties and sober driving strategies via conversation, social media and news coverage. Bar patrons (19+) and those who were planning to go out on St. Patrick's day. Additionally, these coasters targeted both male & female and could target those celebrating at home when they saw posts on social media or on TV. - Launch at Emmet Ray bar on Friday March 17th, 2017
- Coasters served with beverages all weekend long
- International Media interviews
- Conversations online with people regarding penalties & consequences for impaired driving
- Plans to repeat co - The physical wrecked car coaster
- website that had information on safe & sober driving when people visited after seeing the coaster
- Conversations online
- Increased sober driving awareness