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Vehicle Maintenance for Safer Roads and Consumer Awareness

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Author/Auteur Deborah Moynes-Keshen


The safety of a vehicle and its passengers on the road is not limited to variables such as driver distraction, road conditions and driver behaviour - it also depends on the vehicle's mechanical reliability and integrity. Brakes, tires, even shocks and struts and working lights are examples of products that play a significant role in road safety. The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA), through studies and research, attempts to demonstrate the growing issue of underperformed vehicle maintenance and the resulting potential impact on road safety and social costs.

The role a vehicle inspection incentive plan would have in reducing the $11 billion in underperformed vehicle maintenance in Canada can clearly be demonstrated with the appropriate data. Government, industry, consumer groups and road safety advocates need to all work together to keep Canadian drivers and their families' safe on our roads and highways. While this submission may focus on what has been done in terms of research, it also serves to highlight areas such as vehicle conditions where there is substantial room to add new insights. The importance of this issue is such that we hope to initiate dialogue and spur activity to address the lack of reliable, current data that is available on such a crucial topic.

Deborah Moynes-Keshen