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The Lessons Learnt from the New Zealand Road Safety Success Story

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New Zealand has a very similar road environment and population density to Canada. In 2003, New Zealand had set a seemingly impossible Road Safety Target to reduce the annual national fatalities on our roads to below 300 deaths by 2010. Historically New Zealand had a horrific road fatality record with a peak in 1973 of 843 deaths annually with a population of just over 3 million people. During 2011 calendar year New Zealand's road fatalities were limited to 284 the lowest since 1952 and broke the 300 target. This amazing success story was accomplished by involving all parties in road safety in New Zealand, who came together to create safer roads for everyone. This story will inspire the audience that we "road safety professionals" can have an everlasting effect on many lives. This paper will share how this was achieved and how the techniques can be transferred into the Canadian context.

Peter Kortegast