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The City of Chilliwack - Safer City Program

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Category 2014 CMRSC XXIV Vancouver
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 5A
Author/Auteur Samantha Piper
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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5A Piper The City of Chilliwack - Safer City Program


The City of Chilliwack is located in the Easter Fraser Valley of British Columbia and is home to 82,000 residents.
In 2003 the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia offered “Safer City” partnerships to cities and towns
throughout the Province.
The partnerships involved the creation of a sustainable process for significantly improving road safety in
Chilliwack. The process involved the creation of programs, partnerships and management and planning
initiatives to integrate and institutionalize road safety into city operations.
For the last ten years the City has been actively developing the Safer City program, this presentation will
describe the program advancements, partnership achievements and measurable successes.
The presentation will conclude with observations on how this program will evolve in response to local needs.

Samantha Piper