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The 'Autonomes' are Coming - What does it mean for Road Safety?

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Author/Auteur Paul Godsmark


Driver error is either the cause or a significant contributory factor in the vast majority of road collisions. The possibility to remove driver error from the road system in the near future now exists with the advent of autonomous vehicles (or 'autonomes' as the author calls them). This paper explores at a relatively high level the current state of development of autonomes, their advantages and disadvantages, issues surrounding the transition period as they are introduced to the road network and key associated road safety issues. The appropriate response of the road safety profession is then discussed, as there is going to be a paradigm shift in how we do road transportation. If the significant benefits that this maturing technology offers are to be fully realized in as short a time as possible, then it is important that the road safety profession understands the issues and actively engages with those bodies and organizations that will facilitate its use on public roads.

Paul Godsmark