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Temporary Portable Rumble Strips Save Lives in Work Zones

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Date added June 26, 2017
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Category 2017 CARSP XXVII Toronto
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 1C
Author/Auteur Tim Cox
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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"Traffic fatalities have increased this year in the USA and Canada, overall, and in construction work zones.

Distracted driving is at epidemic levels worldwide, in normal, everyday traffic, construction work zones, and school zones. Otherwise rational adults become addicted to smart phones.

Compelling evidence indicates that Temporary Portable Rumble Strips (TPRS) reduce distracted driving and improves driver behavior in work zones, and make work zones safer for all road users. • Summarize existing research on distracted driving as a cause of roadway crashes
*Demonstrate how TPRS mitigates distracted driving in road works
*Present experiences with TPRS from France, Australia, Switzerland and the US Policy makers looking to reduce work zone crashes
*Safety professionals looking to increase effectiveness of anti-distracted driving campaigns
*Behavior professionals looking to modify distracted driving Using a slide deck presentation, Subject Matter Experts (SME) will briefly examine several causes of increased crashes, with emphasis on distracted driving.

We will present several examples of distracted driving, from the humorous to the tragic. These examples, from recent work zone and school zone crashes, reveal the pervasive extent of distracted driving, and its cause, drivers' addiction to their smart phones.

We will of course briefly discuss the life-saving merits of the TPRS. Then we will discuss several recent research reports that describe the effectiveness of TRPS in work zones and support their use to reduce crashes:

* US National Transportation Safety Board Accident Investigations: Cranbury, NJ in 2015, and Chattanooga, TN in 2016.
* State of Pennsylvania Turnpike test of TPRS in a live work zone
* Canadian Study of distracted driving in school zones
* Texas DOT Work Zone End-of-Queue Warning System by TTI - Texas Transportation Institute The CARSP audience will be able to:
* Conceptualize the danger of distracted driving, and other forms of bad driver behavior, in their work zones.
* Recommend, integrate and implement the use of TPRS devices with existing traffic safety countermeasures already deployed in their work zones. "

Tim Cox