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Taking a Risk Led Approach to Occupational Driver Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Improvement: Good Practice Cases From Around The World

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Author/Auteur Will Murray, Ed Dubens, Eddie Wren


All over the world, occupational road safety has grown in importance in recent years as the extent of the problem has emerged, and an increasing numbers of researchers, practitioners and government agencies have seen its potential for protecting human and financial resources.
Despite this increasing interest in the potential of occupational road safety (often called fleet safety) to help governments to improve road safety, and organisations to reduce human and asset damage, generate business efficiencies, ensure legal compliance and cut costs, there are few published case studies of organisations that have effectively managed this risk.
The aim of the paper is to start the process of addressing this research gap, by reviewing and evaluating a risk led approach to occupational driver risk assessment, monitoring and improvement based on a detailed global review of fleet safety research and a series of successful case studies and experiences from around the world.
From this academic research, supported by real world case studies and the previously unpublished long term process and outcomes data available, a model process for occupational road safety at the organisational level will be proposed, based on taking a holistic, risk led approach. Lessons for researchers, policy makers and industry will also be identified.

Will Murray, Ed Dubens, Eddie Wren