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Surrey Safe and Active School Program

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Author/Auteur David Dean, Amer Afridi, Jaime Boan
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7A Dean Surrey Safe and Active School Presentation


An on-going challenge that many cities face relates to the safety of students as they cross
roads, driveways and parking lots around the schools on their daily commute. The constant
conflict between students as pedestrians or cyclists and vehicular traffic is a serious concern for
all involved during the peak weekday school arrival and dismissal times. To address these
concerns, and thereby encourage more students to walk and bike to school and improve their
health, the City of Surrey undertook a Safe and Active Schools Program. The engineering
component of this program identified the safety issues around each of its schools, developed
short to long-term mitigation measures to address the issues, and prioritized the measures
throughout the City. The review anticipated a team approach in response to the issues and
developed road safety plans that fostered a coordinated effort to improve safety by the City,
RCMP, the School District and individual school administration and parents.

David Dean, Amer Afridi, Jaime Boan