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Statistical Analysis of V85 Models on Horizontal Curves of Italian Two-Lane Rural Roads

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Author/Auteur Claudia Piras, Francesco Pinna


Injuries are one of the main causes of death according to the new report published by WHO (World Health Organization). For this reason the attention of road safety research especially regards the study of the relationship between driver and road environment, in order to obtain a reduction of injuries number and severity.
Several studies were developed to find the relationships between road geometrical and design features and driver behaviour.
Generally driver behaviour is expressed by the operating speed. In scientific literature there exist several analytical models to calculate real speed as a function of geometrical road characteristics.
In this work some of them were collected and their hypotheses were studied. Generally the values of these parameters were similar in the majority of the models and they can be found in the Italian rural roads in order to make surveys.
The next step was the statistical analysis of the existing models with hypotheses that could be applied to Italian roads in order to define the best one.

Claudia Piras, Francesco Pinna