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Static Warning Signs of Occasional Hazards: Do They Work?

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Date added June 7, 2009
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Category 2009–CMRSC-XIX–Saskatoon
Tags Session 5B
Author/Auteur Ahmed Al-Kaisy, Amanda Hardy, Charles Nemfakos


Warning drivers of non-permanent hazards such as animal crossing, ice formation, and falling rocks is a challenge to most highway agencies due to the unpredictable nature of those hazards. Conventional static warning signs used for those hazards may lose their effectiveness as no real hazard is perceived by drivers most of the time. The current state of knowledge and practice was investigated as related to warning drivers of occasional hazards. More than half of highway agencies use some sort of unconventional warning signs or devices. Most agencies are uncertain, or lack assurance about, the effectiveness of static warning signs for occasional hazards.

Keywords: warning signs, safety, occasional hazards, static signs, MUTCD

Ahmed Al-Kaisy, Amanda Hardy, Charles Nemfakos