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Speed and Collision Effects of the Median Cable Barrier on Deerfoot Trail, Calgary, Alberta

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Author/Auteur A.E. Tony Churchill, Robyn V. McGregor, Richard Tay


This paper describes the observed operational and safety performance to date of the high-tension post-and-cable median barrier along the Deerfoot Trail (Alberta Highway 2) in Calgary, Alberta. The barrier system has been in operation since May 2007. A before and after speed study of vehicles in the lane adjacent to the median with a control site upstream of the cable barrier found speed increases of 0.2 km/h to 5.2 km/h, considering changes at the control site. No median-crossover related fatal collisions have been noted in the total of 86 barrier collisions over the 22 months from May 2007 to February 2009, compared to seven median-related fatal collisions between 1999 and 2005 on the same section of road. Three barrier penetrations have been observed in the first 22 months of operation; speed increases adjacent to the barrier and barrier penetrations should be the focus of future research.

A.E. Tony Churchill, Robyn V. McGregor, Richard Tay