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Safety Performance of High Tension Cable Barrier in Alberta

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Author/Auteur Tony Churchill, Masood Hassan, Crystal Morison


In 2010, construction of 133 km of HTCB in the median of Alberta Highway 2 (123 km of highway with some segments where HTCB is installed on both sides of the median) was completed from North of Airdrie to Red Deer and near Leduc. The design of this length of barrier was complex due to the variety of median conditions when considering variables such as median width, sideslopes, and existing hardware in the median. Following the HTCB construction, a comprehensive evaluation program has been undertaken. Confirmation of the safety performance using available collision data to date is undertaken to evaluate the influence of the various median configurations on safety performance. The methodology includes an Empirical Bayes before and after analysis, as described in the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual but using un-calibrated SPFs, and an evaluation of the benefit cost performance of the barrier.

Tony Churchill, Masood Hassan, Crystal Morison