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Safer Pedestrian Crossings Help Better Behaviors - The EPCA Program

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Antida Aversa, Francesco Mazzone, Enrico Pagliari


Every year many vulnerable road users are killed or seriously injured worldwide. About 8.000 pedestrians die every year on European roads and many accidents occur on or close to a pedestrian crossing. For this reason, the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) conducted, in partnership with other Automobile Clubs members of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), the European Pedestrian Crossings Assessment (EPCA) Program, aimed at testing the safety and quality level of pedestrian crossings in Europe, sharing good practises and disseminating safe behaviours among road users.

The tests pointed out that there is a wide variety of design solutions adopted from city to city, therefore the need for a greater harmonization of pedestrian crossing system among European cities and, on the whole, plenty of room for improvement. As a final result, ACI produced and edited the "Technical Guidelines for the Planning of Pedestrian Crossings" which recommend when, where and how to realise a safe and accessible pedestrian crossing and which may constitute the foundation for a standardization at European level.

Antida Aversa, Francesco Mazzone, Enrico Pagliari