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Safe Routes to School: Making Transportation Choices Integral to Community Life in North Vancouver

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Author/Auteur Brian Patterson, Tegan Smith


The District of North Vancouver (DNV) and North Vancouver School District (NVSD) recently jointly conducted a school safety review and developed a Safe Routes to School plan for three elementary schools. The purpose of this study was: to identify transportation issues and opportunities around each school; to develop recommendations to improve the safety and access to each school; and to promote healthy and active modes of transportation to school such as walking and cycling. This paper describes the methods and results of the school safety study, including the results of an on-line parent survey regarding travel patterns and key transportation issues, as well as recommendations for engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation measures to improve safety and promote walking and cycling to school. The school traffic and safety studies have provided an effective process for the DNV, NVSD, school administration and parents to work together to improve safety and promote increased walking and cycling to schools. As a result of the success of the partnership between the NVSD and the DNV in tackling some of the more complex school traffic conditions in the DNV, the two organizations intend to continue to work closely to promote safe routes to schools in the District of North Vancouver.

Brian Patterson, Tegan Smith