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Road Safety in Peru

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Francis Navin, German Gallardo, Eanson Ho, Gregoria Villacorta


Traffic safety is now a major public policy initiative in Peru, particularly for the financial agency behind many large-scale infrastructure projects. The authors have been active in making Peru's roads safer for upwards of 20 years, and more recently have undertaken Road Safety Audits for new projects. This paper will outline the status of road safety in Peru and compare its level of implementation to that of Canada. This information will assist those responsible for policy implementation in Peru to understand the elements of road safety policy and to identify the types of projects that should be implemented first to improve road safety in Peru.

Certain road safety benefits are already available in Peru. For example, a seat belt wearing program appears to be working quite well. Other programs still need to be initiated, such as road safety audits and pedestrian safety initiatives. The presence of two-wheeled motorcycles used as taxis (motolinear) and of three-wheeled motorcycles also used as taxis (moto-taxis) gives rise to unique problems. At the municipal level, Peru has undertaken some unique road engineering changes such as "speed humps" just prior to stop signs and pedestrian crossings, which force vehicles to slow down, thus improving pedestrian safety.

Francis Navin, German Gallardo, Eanson Ho, Gregoria Villacorta