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Real Life data - Crosswalk & School Zone Upgrade Initiatives

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Date added July 10, 2018
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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
Tags Research and Evaluation, Session 6A
Author/Auteur Sarauer, Grewal
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Safety Initiatives / Innovation require buy-in by all parties (MOTI / Local Jurisdiction / Industry partners) to be successful in addressing the Future of Road Safety. Innovation is typically driven by Industry but is defined by the end user/client which in this case must be identified by the public in conjunction with the Road Authority(s). Throughout the definition and delivery process accountability is defined which requires input from all parties involved to ensure that programs are properly funded and accounted for. Improve safety on our roadways by Reducing / Eliminating exposure of pedestrians to vehicle interaction at Crosswalks and School zones through innovation and supporting data. Provide Review and Justification through the Traffic Audit process. A step-by-step approach to site specific deployment of these safety initiatives / innovations. Through this systematic process and complement to the approval process – the right balance can be achieved by follow-up data for accountability for these safety programs. 4 locations targeted for this program and the successes / pitfalls of Innovation Partnerships formed to deliver these safety Initiative programs MOTI / ICBC / Local Jurisdictions / Local Enforcement Agencies and Private Industry. Success
* Cost sharing
* Effective and Reliable Safety upgrades
* Supporting data which supports future decision-making processes and justification of these deployed safety initiatives
* Feedback from affected stakeholders
* Reduced Incident / Near-miss frequency