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Putting Pedestrians First: A Comprehensive Action Plan to Improve Pedestrian Safety in the City of Vancouver

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Author/Auteur Alina Cheng, Brian Patterson


The City of Vancouver recently completed a Pedestrian Safety Study which included an Action Plan for improving pedestrian safety in the City. The study was prepared by Urban Systems Ltd. in conjunction with Alta Planning + Design, Acuere Consulting, and Dr. Tarek Sayed at the University of British Columbia. The purpose of the study was to help identify opportunities to improve identified pedestrian safety issues through engineering, enforcement and communication measures throughout the City. This study included one of the most comprehensive analyses of pedestrian collisions that has been conducted to date in North American and helped the City develop an evidence-based Action Plan to improve pedestrian safety.

The study included a comprehensive literature review on the effectiveness of a variety of pedestrian treatments used in the City of Vancouver and elsewhere, as well as a detailed analysis of pedestrian collision data to obtain an in-depth and nuanced understanding of where, when, and how pedestrian collisions occur as well as who they involve. By having a deeper understanding of the characteristics of pedestrian collisions in Vancouver, a more focused approach can be taken to improve pedestrian safety for people of all ages and abilities. By identifying the areas and pedestrians most at risk for collisions and matching them with the most appropriate engineering, enforcement and education measures, the City, in collaboration with the Vancouver Police Department and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, can allocate resources accordingly and be more effective at improving pedestrian safety. With the theme of the conference being, “Safe roads for everyone – Coming together from all directions,” it is anticipated that these joint efforts will enhance the safety of all road users and maintain Vancouver’s reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Alina Cheng, Brian Patterson