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Protecting the Next Generation of Road Users: Promoting Child Passenger Safety via Roadside Enforcement

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Date added July 10, 2018
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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 6A
Author/Auteur Froom, LeBrun
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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6A - Froom


Oceanside RCMP and Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada volunteers have partnered on roadside enforcement events since 2015. During that time we have noted two trends: caregivers and drivers don't know how to use child restraints and booster seats properly, but they want to, and law enforcement personnel don't know how to recognize an incorrectly used child restraint. Our aim is to save all the children! We give drivers full car seat checks and educate them on proper use while doing so. At the same time, we educate any law enforcement partners on what we're seeing. The goal is a positive driver interactions and behavior changes. The presentation goal is to effectively change the perception of child restraints so that parents and policy makers understand the critical importance of properly using these life saving devices every time a child is in a vehicle. Drivers, law enforcement personnel, policy makers. At our roadside events, conducted largely on Vancouver Island but also in Vancouver and Alberta, we have collected approximately 400 check forms to analyze. They showed a misuse rate of approximately 75% for both restraints and boosters combined. The misuse rate for harnessed seats alone is much higher. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the impact of child restraint misuse and the need for better education of law enforcement personnel, as well as partnerships with community groups.